First Show Day!!

Well, it has been one whole week from my first show.  I had so much fun and was so proud of my accomplishments; even prior to my awards.  Just being able to stand up and share my results of all my hard work and dedication the past six months was enough for me!

I met many amazing women and it was apparent how we all were in the same boats.  It didn’t matter which division we were entered in; our eating was insane, we were thirsty and we all wanted a good meal and a good night’s sleep!  My trainer, Jen, brought me some mini cupcakes to enjoy after my show.  Good times!

The day was super long and my hubby was there from morning until night.  He never complained and he was so calm and supportive that I know I couldn’t have done it without his strength.  I had family and friends come to support me and that also meant so much.  It is a bit overwhelming when you realize that these people came all the way just to see YOU!  Wow!!  I was in awe.

When it was time to take the stage; I followed exactly what Jen had told me for the past few months.  Just walk with confidence.  Hold each pose for at least 5 seconds.  No gyrating or vulgar movements…lol  And make believe you are the ONLY one up on stage.  Eye contact with all of the judges; at all times.  And SMILE!!  I did.  I had fun.  I walked with confidence and kept my eyes on the judges.  That was great.  I didn’t feel as nervous as I thought I would but my body wasn’t cooperating and I got the “shakes” during the first show.

By the evening finals, I was already so exhausted and the nerves were gone.  I had entered in two separate divisions for bikini.  The first was the 35+ group and the second was overall in my height range.  I was called out as top 5 for the age group and when I wasn’t called for 5th place; I was still smiling away at the judges and acting like nobody else was on stage with me.

Then I wasn’t called for 4th place either.  wow.  Or 3rd place…OMG!!!

Now, I couldn’t believe that I would be placed in the top 2 positions.  Then, they called my name.  2nd place!!! My very first show!!   A 40 year old, mother of 3….who would’ve thought?

The overall division came shortly after.  Again, I was called out in the top 5.  My name wasn’t called for 5th; or 4th.  This time I placed 3rd in overall.  Wow again.  Two trophies now.  Wow…

I heard my family and friends screaming and I was still smiling and focused in on the judges and following my walk guidelines and posture.

When I finally gathered my belongings from the whole day (and it’s a completely exhausting day!); and ran to meet Ben and Jen…I told them I wanted the sword!  (that’s for the gal who wins overall)  Jen chuckled at how happy she was that I placed so well…and for the first time!!  Okay, I’ll accept that!  lol

On our way home, Jen texted my phone.
“Guess what?” it read.  “This means you qualified for Nationals and USA.  Top 3 move on”….


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