Before You Assume….

In today’s blog; I am going to vent just a little bit.

I know; I always say NOT to complain or bring out negatives for others to see but I think this will work as an opposition to negativity…

or at least, I hope it does.

As you already know (unless you’ve never heard my story and this is your first blog read of mine; in that case, go back and read some of my priors first!), I have worked my BOOTY off in the last six months.  I have changed my eating plans dramatically, more than once.  I have upped my workouts and changed them up also, more than once.  I have sweated, cried, dragged, kicked, screamed, you name it…to get the results I was striving for in taking on my first ever fitness competition show.

And I did it!! I achieved the goals that I had set out for myself.  How?  By following my daily meals and workouts.  By sleeping enough each night and taking measures to reduce stressors and energy suckers.  By drinking my daily Shakeology, whey protein shakes, Emergen-C supplements, fish oils and more.  By simply “showing up” and doing the work laid out for me.

Why?  Because this has been a lifelong dream of mine since I learned about it as a teenager.  No time like the present time to take it on for “realz”!

Following my competition and placing in the top 2 and 3 in both divisions; I came home happy, hungry and proud.  My family and friends were proud.  My hubby couldn’t stop telling me how exciting it was to watch me through the whole process and finally winning my awards.  (he also said I’m the “WINNER” even though I didn’t get the sword! lol)  My trainer, Jen, was amazing and so supportive.  She was also equally proud of my achievements and rewarded me with some mini cupcakes as my celebration-sugar-rush!!

What I didn’t expect was the negativity that followed.  I expected some “dislikes” or even un-followers of my posts and pictures but not the bashing that I received.

It makes me sad to realize that people can be cruel.  Granted, if my husband or close family  had negative feelings and wanted to share with me; I’ll take it to heart because they are with me every single day and support me with love and encouragement in all things I take on.

Have you not heard of a UN-LIKE? How about NOT reading my posts and blog, instead of being rude and stepping beyond the boundaries in my life?  I didn’t deserve that.  I worked hard by eating and training like an “athlete”.  I take on races and competitions of all kinds and am quite irritated that this recent show was attacked so badly.  Please do your research before you take the initiative to offend someone.  Please show love when things are good; not just stick your neck out when you want to tell someone you think they are WRONG.

In any case, I will continue to share with those who are supportive and interested for the right reasons.  Please don’t hide in the background of my pages and blogs.  Show positive support for those who you admire and respect.  Unfollow the rest.  Remember; only YOU and prevent negative feedback.  You are in control of what you read and look at each day and if you are offended…hit delete.

I promise, I won’t be mad.

In the meantime, look forward to my next stage; The Ragnar Relay series!!!


8 thoughts on “Before You Assume….

  1. Kudos to you Kathy for your achievements! I do not understand how someone can attack another person for living a healthy lifestyle. Just keep doing what you're doing and I will keep reading!

  2. People bashed you for the success you had in your show? For realz? I don't get it. Just haters. I am so happy for you and the outcome of the show. EXCELLENT for a first run! You 'da bomb …. 🙂

  3. Thank you dearly, Paula!! It is sad but not completely surprising for some people. I am just moving on with my life and know that the positives definitely outweigh any negatives!! 😉

  4. Hi Katsya! It truly was an ATHLETIC achievement! That took a lot of training and discipline! I am sorry to hear that some people find it ok to butt into your life in a mean and malicious way. Stay true to you! Don't listen to the haters! They are just "white noise"! Love You!! –Tanya L.

  5. Katsya,You achieved your personal goal with integrity and class. As you shared your journey, you became more real and personable. Many of us became your cheerleaders as you became our positive and encouraging role model/athlete.You continue to encourage and motivate the ones that support you and cherish your gift. You are changing lives of many.Keep that beautiful smile of yours and be proud of achieving your goal!!!Mary K.

  6. Kats – not really enough time or space to write ALL I'd like to say! I'm so sorry you had to hear/read/deal with such negativity and meanness. You have such a loving, honest, giving, sharing heart, and I'm sad too, that some have chosen NOT to see that in you. THEIR LOSS.Looking forward to rocking ragnar with you!

  7. It's always amazing to me how many people don't understand this sport. It's so much work and most people couldn't do it. If they ever had to walk in our shoes…LOL…they could see what a dedication it takes. Brush off the haters girl. that's all they are.

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