Planning Equals Successful Weeks!!

Good Morning!!!

Is it Monday?  I’m feeling amazing today!  Yesterday was a complete rest day.  No exercise or time stressors of any kind.  I ate clean and relaxed my day away!  Today, my body thanks me.

Do you schedule regular “rest days” into your training program?  Believe it or not, these are just as critical as your workout days!  If the body is constantly being taxed without rest; there is no time for repair and regrowth and the signs of overtraining can feel like you are back at “beginning” stage again.

Uh oh.

My week is being planned out to the smallest detail and believe me; this helps! I am a mom and you know that can mean so many things to our week!  I hear my daughter coughing this morning; and not just a small scratchy cough…it was a slight “OMG!  Was that for real???” type of cough.  My “mom” brain thinks she’ll probably be missing a day of school this week or at least it may warrant a trip to the pediatrician’s office.  That wasn’t on my schedule.  lol

I don’t fret.  I know that the most important tasks are taken care of on my to-do list.  This is very different from a “wish” list because I schedule it in as an appointment; time and all, and get it done accordingly.  So, small changes like one of my kiddies getting sick or a last minute trip to the grocery store won’t set me back and into “crazy mom” mode.

Today, I will teach my Body Pump class and then hit a HIIT style workout on the stair climber.  That’s good for today.  What do you have planned?  By hitting your workout at your strongest time each day; you’ll be sure to add it in.  I am better in the morning since the evening can be derailed so easily.  Morning workouts = successful checkmarks on my schedule.  I also have all my workouts already planned for the week.

How about meals?  I typically do the same type of scheduling.  This allows for a small change here and there and I know by stocking my home with the right foods; I am less likely to splurge on something less than perfect.  I created some homemade protein bars yesterday and my kids are loving them!  Makes me excited to start creating some healthier versions of their favorite foods and seeing what the response is like.

I’ll keep you posted…


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