What Did You Eat Today?

So, today didn’t as awesomely as I’d hope for on my eating plan.  Granted, I haven’t gone overboard completely after my show; as I’ve heard that many competitors have done since having to cut back so much in prep for the shows.

I had a few “cheats” but basically once your body isn’t used to eating quite as much anymore; it doesn’t take much to make you feel “oh soooo full!”  Then I went back to my first set of eating plans when I first began this journey to the stage; six months before.  I have been listening to my body and having what I’m craving at specific times but haven’t noticed too much of an issue so I’ve been satisfied.

Today, I was to start my low/high carb maintenance plan so that I can stay happy and as lean as possible before we begin intense training again.  Today was “low” day.  I thought it would be no problem!!

I had my breakfast; oats and egg white scramble with veggies.  Some coffee and “oh so little bit” of creamer…since it’s been a long while and I “deserved” some!  šŸ™‚  Then it was off to the gym to kick my upper body into gear and some HIIT training with my running for the upcoming Ragnar relay.

I came home and enjoyed a Quest bar and some yogurt mixed with some protein powder.

From there, it was time to go visit with some out of town friends from the gym and their new baby.  Fun!!  We met at Souplantation and I figured I’d just do my best and “forget the rest”…hehe

I made a large veggie salad and topped it with balsamic vinegar and a small amount of olive oil.  Perfect!! I even had some hot tea and stevia (which I brought with me…they do not supply that awesomeness yet!)

Seeing everyone enjoying their foods, I decided to get some soup.  I took the veggie-est one there with no cream base and it was great!  It had white rice in it which I don’t usually eat but “who’s counting, right?”  Then I got another bowl and this time “sampled” some of their cheesy focaccia bread.  OMG…was this legal foods???  AWESOMENESS!!!

So, of course, this only meant one thing.  I needed to “sample” once more and just to feel good about it, I also brought myself more of my soup.  That did the trick.  But now, dessert!! Everyone was enjoying the ice cream and the chocolate brownie “muffins”…they are NOT muffins, by the way!  lol

I opted instead for the chocolate and berry mousses topped with some peanuts.  It was low calorie but I know full of “crap” but oh well… that did it for me!!

Feeling like I had “enjoyed” my foods, I was off to run the rest of my day.  Shakeology with almond milk and peanut butter were enjoyed that afternoon since I needed something to tide me over before dinner at my sister’s house.

Now, that’s where I think it was just too much for me today.  (and I’m being brutally honest with you all so don’t criticize my own criticizing!)  We had barbecued chicken kabobs…yummy but not the white chicken breast that I’m normally accustomed to eating…

Then I “sampled” the potato salad and had just one more sample…it wasn’t much but it was so yummy and rich!!!  The green salad was awesome and I had my “legit”balsamic dressing to top it with.  Oh, you just HAD to have a piece of toast with some butter…WHAT???  And then a small scoop of rice…At least I was drinking my water!!

Some talking and visiting with some guests was nice and you know what that means…dessert!!  I was happy to have some of the coffee they served and honestly, only had a sliver of the pie that was brought out.  I wasn’t too tempted by that…what got me was the fresh whipped cream they made for the pie…but I liked it in my COFFEE!!

All in all…yes, it was a great day! I feel overly full but not sickeningly bloated and I know that is a huge accomplishment from past experiences!! I guess I will just enjoy this and know life is going to happen every now and again and the best we can do is to brush it off and move on!  I will follow this up with my HIGH carb day tomorrow…just cuz I want my protein pancake!!


What did you eat today???


2 thoughts on “What Did You Eat Today?

  1. I ate my planned food. LOL. I'm getting ready for my HS reunion. Coming off shows can be hard. Have you read the book Intuitive Eating? It was something I listed to after I hung up three years worth of heels and suits. I think it's OK to baby step yourself back into normal eating. Just be careful of your thoughts more than the food. IMO a lot of competitors have trouble with their body changing back to a more normal state, then eating more normal, and not getting that confused with getting "fat". It's an easy trap.Also, on FB you can subscribe to Scott Abel. He has powerful messages about the mindset! You would enjoy it. šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the awesome tips!! I will def look into those reads! šŸ˜‰ I can also understand the whole idea of the mindset and "am I getting fat?" ; when our bodies are just back to "normal"…such a crazy ride!! xoxo

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