Family Is Love (My "sappy" Blog post!)

Okay, I’m going to get a bit “sappy” on you all today but you’re going to have to deal with it!!

Took a road trip today with my hubby to visit some family in Arizona.  I won’t go into details over our family time but I wanted to share the important issues that struck me through today’s journey.

We don’t get to pick our family and sometimes we aren’t even that close to certain people in our families but nonetheless; we should always have patience and kindness for those who have shown us love and support over our lives.

That being said; life sometimes just isn’t fair now, is it?  We all go through our different degrees of difficulties and seeing loved ones getting older and not as healthy as we once remember is one of these challenges.  It makes you want to cherish everything positive in your life and appreciate the ones you are most close to.  How many times have you told or shown how much you love your spouse, kids, family members?  Do you regularly go out of your way to do small “loving”practices for them without expecting anything in return?

In today’s society of running from one errand and task to the next; we can sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the smaller things in life.  In reality; they aren’t really that “small” after all…just not on our “to-do” lists!  Maybe we should start adding these to our daily and weekly reminders.  Schedule loving kindness shares during your next week.  I know I am.


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