Yes! You Are Worth The FREE Sample of Shakeology!

Here’s my blog post to show my love to Shakeology!  If you’ve never tried it before and have been wondering how it tastes, makes you feel, blah, blah, blah…
This is for you! 

I know I’ve mentioned this amazing product over and over but I wanted to take some time and share with you all why I love it so much and how it has become a regular part of my daily nutrition.  I’ll take you back, back, back to the beginning…

It all started one day when I was posting on Facebook how much I was loving my P90X program which I had purchased from an infomercial one night.  Lo and behold, here comes one of my “friends” that I hadn’t known very long on Facebook but we shared similar interests and goals.  We got to talking and sharing about the workouts and then the Beachbody coaching opportunity was brought up and being the eager person I usually am, for a challenge…I signed up to help people achieve their own fitness and health goals even if I couldn’t do it in person.  What a rush!!

Anyway, she then starts talking about this “shake” and how I really needed to get on it.  Whatever, I thought to myself.  It’s just another “shake” and I really was eating “clean” already and didn’t need another product to purchase.

But guess what I did again?  You guessed it!  The “eager-always-up-for-a-challenge” person in me decided what the heck? I’ll give it a try and then probably end up just canceling it!  It was supposed to be “The most amazing health shake EVER!”  It was said to be life changing and help including your daily vitamins and minerals and help to bridge the gap in our daily diets…and, and, and…

whatever, I thought.

Really?  Could a “shake”really live up to this hype?  I highly doubted it!!

In one word:  YES!!  and then some…

I fell head over heels for this chocolatey-yumminess that was Shakeology.  It was dessert and vegetables in one yummy and decadent shake!  (without the “vegetable” taste!)  I won’t lie about the Greenberry; since it isn’t my favorite flavor, but I can easily mix up some greatness and enjoy it the same way.  (although, I am a true “choc-aholic!”)

The magic happened throughout that following month when I noticed that my energy levels were being raised and stabilized without the “jitteriness”of caffeine feelings.  I was able to increase my endurance in my workouts.  My body was staying “regulated”…(cuz everyone has to poop!  lol) and I wasn’t getting the irritating “sugar” cravings that I have battled since I was a hormonal teenager!!  woo hoo!!  Success!!

Some people (me included); panic at the price per month but I can guarantee you that is worth every single cent and more.  At just $3-$4 per serving, it is a bargain when you figure in all of the nutrition and vitamins and more!  Trade one of your “less than healthy” daily choices like your gourmet coffee house visit or fast-food/vending machine purchases and you’ve made up the cost of treating yourself in a healthy and fulfilling way!!  Over time, these simple, daily changes add years to your life by substituting the crappy “grab and go” choices with a better “shake and go” option.  If you replace this with one of your meals; you are now going to SAVE money in the long run!  But don’t take my word for it; watch this video and then find out how you can take advantage of trying a sample out for yourself!  I know you want to!!

Now are you ready to take the plunge into trying this awesome, health shake for a spin? I would require just a few things from you and your sample will be on it’s way!

1)  Be SERIOUS about purchasing Shakeology if you like the taste of the sample.  You cannot know how it helps your body without giving it a few weeks to a month anyway. 🙂

2)  Make sure I am assigned as your Team Beachbody Coach.  If I’m not your TBB Coach, you can register for a FREE membership here:  (just go to “join” and FREE membership info).  Even if you’re not ready to try Shakeology yet feel free to register for the free membership.  It would be an honor to be your coach and we can all use the accountability and motivation sometimes!

3)  Email me your name and address to  and your chocolate or Tropical Strawberry sample will be on it’s way.  🙂

I appreciate your time in reading my share with you today and hope I can help you have some fun with your health and fitness goals at this time!!


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