Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!!! Tra-La-La-La-La-La

Today my daughter turned sixteen years old.

Don’t you remember when you turned 16?  I do too.  My mom played me Neil Sedaka’s “Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen” all morning long as my brothers and sister danced around and sang.

Where was I?

Face down in the couch.  I was mad.  I was grounded.  Yep, grounded on my 16th birthday.  Yippee.
I begged my parents to lift the restriction for my special day and allow me to go to Disneyland with my friends.


Could I at least have a small party with friends to celebrate?


So, what could I do then?  Apparently, listen to Neil Sedaka all morning and just appreciate that.  Excellent.  So, to say the very least; I did not really enjoy my “Sweet 16th” birthday as I should have.  It was probably my own fault, but I would never admit that at the time!!

It was a sweet feeling today to play the same song for my own daughter this morning as she readied for school.  I sang and danced around and replayed the song over and over and over again.  Oh, the joys of being a parent!!  We could take out our past “issues” or “desires”on our own!! bwahahahaha!!

It was great.  My youngest son said he had the song play in his head all day long.  My job has been done!

We celebrated with dinner and of course, the traditional, cake.  My daughter is a chocoholic who also would like that topped with an extra chocolatey chocolate!  The cake was super rich and I happily enjoyed the slice she cut for me.  There are times in life where we need to be “child like” and let our inner children emerge!

So, Happy Sweet Sixteenth, my dear sweet Amy.  May this year be filled with all the laughter, fun and blessings you could only dream of.  May you remember this day for your own daughter’s Sweet Sixteen.

And don’t think that I won’t be on your doorstep that morning playing sweet ol’ Neil Sedaka!!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!!! Tra-La-La-La-La-La

  1. To me to ground a kid on their sweet 16 birthday especially for a girl is just not right. To me to do something like that to a girl on her 16th birthday is cruel. The only reason I would do something like that to a kid is if they did something illegal or vicious

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