Make The Change…

There times in our lives when we feel like we are “stuck” in a phase and/or position and don’t know how to quite change it.  What to do?  How about just something?  What about anything?  

Chances are you ponder doing something about it; yet are afraid or unwilling to make the necessary steps. Stop and ask yourself what is it that you’re most afraid of?  Most times it’s the actual change that we fear.  Once you decide to just get over the fear and commit to the first step of change; your momentum kicks in immediately.
I am constantly working on this for myself.  I don’t want to regret not taking on challenges when I’m too old to do so.  (and I believe I’ll never be “too old”…)   I am fortunate to have a supportive group of people in my circle.  My hubby, kids, family and friends are mostly cheering me on and for the most part, positive to my commitments.  When I reach one milestone; it doesn’t take long for another to pop up and I’m all over it~ 
What would happen if I didn’t accept a challenge?  I know it would weigh heavily on my mind and with my OCD tendencies; I’d be guilting myself every hour of every day.  I could not imagine that type of mindset.  If I don’t commit to something; it usually means I’m not really interested in it or it’s not the right time for it.  Either way; I move on to the next.  
I also encourage my kids to have the same determination in all of their endeavours.  I have to say that so far, I am quite proud of what they take on and how much strength they gain with each challenge and task.  My daughter (who just turned 16) wanted her drivers’ permit.  I wasn’t about to go looking up all the information for her and making the necessary appointments.  
So, she did it.  She researched the online courses and committed her time to devouring the studies and taking the online tests.  She then asked me to make the DMV appointment and take her in for the written test.  I happily obliged.  She then found out how to get her “behind the wheel” training completed.  Now, she is constantly asking to drive when my hubby or I am in the car.  
Granted, at first, it made me nervous.  My “baby” wanted to be in control of the moving vehicle that I and my precious family (including SHE) were all being held victim in?  Excuse me?  
But, thanks to my supportive and always encouraging husband, she was able to do just that with confidence and great showmanship.
I am so proud.  
Yet there are so many of us who are still frightened to take the basic steps to start a change or learn something new.
I hear it all the time from people all over the area, the country; and other parts of the world. We are all basically, the same. We have similar desires and goals.  We want the same things from life.  “I want to lose weight; but I can’t”; “I want to make more money but I am stuck in this job”; “I want to take more time for myself but there’s not enough hours in my day”…
And on it goes…
But, what about the people who are making those changes and succeeding?  Do they have a magic weight loss drug or secret that they are not sharing?  Are they just “blessed” with the perfect job; the perfect hours and the perfect schedule?  Have they found some additional hours and added it to their day?  
So, what’s the deal?  
They just DID SOMETHING!!!
And guess what is even more exciting?  You can do the very same thing!! Yes, you can!!  Stop the excuses…stop whining…stop dragging your feet!!  It’s amazing how we can start to act like children when we “don’t feel like it”…”get bored by it”….”think it’s unfair that we hafta do this thing and nobody else does”…
Am I right; or am I right? 
How exciting would it be to just dive in?  You know, like jumping in to the pool before you feel the water with your toes.  Just go for it.  Whatever it is; decide and GO…
Now, all you have to worry about is what you really want.  

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