My Own Soda Experiment

Get ready to laugh…

I cried…lol

Seriously, you know how some days just hit you smack dab in the “grill”???  Today was that day.  Not that it was a typically “bad” day in any sense but I think the stress of accumulating issues from the past month and training and being busy with life just caught up with me today.

The funny thing was how I crossed my breaking point.

Now, granted, we are all humans; with busy lives, overscheduled days and many long “to-do” lists that never seem to get done.  We can only do our very best each and every day and move the top tasks to the next day…And so on…

Well, this happened to be an awesome month for me in my work but also stressful in being so busy with it all.  I am getting better at scheduling in my days and weeks so I am not inundated with too much “busy” work that doesn’t seem to progress me forward.  This takes learning; which leads to more time taken.


Today was no different from the other days.  I did some work at home in the morning.  Went to the gym to hit my workout.  Came home to finish some chores and run errands before it was “pick up” time from school.

Then, grocery store, laundry…and whatever else needed to be done.  My son had a track meet and just prior to picking him up and coming home to finish dinner; I ran into the produce store to stock up on fresh “goods”.  He called and told me he was done and I picked him up; then came directly home to unload the groceries from the car.

I happened to have a conference call scheduled at the same time; and as good of a multi-tasker that I am…I had the call going on while I happily and busily proceeded to put away the food items.

I took out a 2-liter of Sprite (which, I despise purchasing and only do so every now and then for my sugar-hyped family) and it slipped from my hands and fell directly upside-down on the tile floor.

CRASH!!  The bottle exploded and went catapulting across the floor; gushing all of it’s sugary-stickiness on my “just cleaned floors”….

Yes, I cried.  I was dripping wet with Sprite.  I was walking on stickiness across the floor that had been completely mopped clean only hours before.  My conference call dropped.  I cried some more.

Boy, did it feel good to cry!! By this time, I was a complete lunatic.  There was a river of Sprite in my kitchen and I was tired with groceries strewn across the sinks and floor of my kitchen…

I had my melt down.  Poor hubby!  He had to come down to a crazy wife with a huge mess and complete disarray.  I sobbed and proceeded to complain about every inch of my life that I could muster up some negativity (and it didn’t take much for me at this point….everything had suddenly turned into negativity out of my pity party); all the while mopping up sprite, together with my hubby, each of us trudging across the floor with over-sized beach towels.  Now that I think about it all, I can laugh.

Why can I laugh?  Because it was a “healing” of any and all stresses that had accumulated in my body and mind; and also my hubby’s.  He, too, hashed with me on our “towel-trudging” evening.  I think I’m feeling like the next month is going to be amazing…

Now that my floor is finally sticky-free!!


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