Choose Positively!!

My focus for today is: “choose to be positive”!!

How many of you out there are having stressful issues due to finances, family, work, health, etc?  I bet most of you have at least one or more of the above.  So, now what?

Yesterday, I will admit, was an “off” day.  I felt blah…things seem a bit more challenging than before.  I didn’t want to do my workout, I didn’t have energy to do all that needed to be done…but I did it anyway.  Was it as “awesome” as I’d hoped it would be?  Nope…but it still got done and sometimes that’s enough.

The idea for some days is just to keep going, right?  I mean, I know some days, I’ll wake up; refreshed, recharged and ready to kick some booty.  While other days; I just want to pull the covers over my head and kick the alarm clock off the nightstand.  LOL  Although, I may feel different on these days; the tasks at hand still need to get done.

I remember when running my recent “Spartan Race” there was a gentleman in front of us muttering; “one foot in front of the other, brother.  One foot in front of the other…”

I relate to this motto so well.  I’m sure you can too.  When faced with a challenge or overwhelming issues; just stick to the most basic and important tasks and know you are putting “one foot in front of the other”…whether or not your heart is in it…it still must be done.  You’ll look back later and be proud of your accomplishments, either way.

So, for today, choose positivity over negativity.  Smile over frowning.  Telling yourself that you “can” instead of what you “cannot”…and so on…

Who’s with me???  


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