Yin and Yang Training

I am taking my training to a whole new level!!

The last six months or so have been filled with intense circuit training workouts, running, HIIT training and more.  My eating has been filled with lean proteins, sweet potatoes, couscous, quinoa, spinach, asparagus, protein powders, protein bars and some hard core carb cycling.  What has this done for me?  Gotten my body into tip-top stage shape and feeling like a true athlete!!  It’s been a rush and I couldn’t have been more pleased with my results 🙂

Now that I have accomplished my first competition; I was prepared to move straight into the next level with WBFF in July.  I started to train again and began my maintenance eating plan.

Then something happened.

I started my day eating the first few meals on track and then for some reason; would decide the next few meals weren’t up to my standards or preferences for that day and I would grab whatever sounded good; or whatever someone else was eating at that time.  I let it slide for one day; then two; then three….then I started to worry.  Why couldn’t I get back on track?  I set my mind to commit 100% to the meals each day and the same pattern would repeat all over again.

It was as if my mind and body were working against me.  I had less control than I remembered and it was frustrating me, to say the least.

Deep breath…and find out why this was happening.

I realized I was overly taxed in other areas and this was not helping me both mentally or physically.  So, I made the decision to bow out of my upcoming fitness competition.  This is the best decision for my body and life at this time and I feel confident that I will find my balance once again as things begin to settle back into line.

My new routine will be a complete yin to my usual yang.  What is that, you ask?  The two fundamental opposing concepts in Chinese philosophy.  Achieving yin-yang balance helps you to stay healthy, happy and fulfilled.
Yin and yang are two side of dualism.  It is the tail and the head of a coin.  The tail is yin, then the head is yang.  They exist alongside each other.  Just as the earth and sun coexist together; the earth representing the yin and the sun representing the yang.  
Generally, yin is passive, oppressed and feminine.  Yang, on the other hand, is active, bright and masculine.  That would mean all of my high energy past few months would be characterized as intense, active, and “yang” energy.  Now, it’s time to reverse this energy with some “yin”…and I could not be more intrigued by the polar opposite of my “normal” routines!
What will I do, you may be wondering?  I will be using my new yin energy; both physically and nutritionally.  The physical areas will be taken care of by my yoga practice as well as following Beachbody’s new “Tai Cheng” program to improve my youthful range of motion and the ability to help “heal” my body naturally.  The nutritional areas will be improved by first beginning with Beachbody’s new supplement package; The Ultimate Reset.  This is a 21 day nutritional program that is said to help rid the body of any toxins, bloating, and more of the stuff we fight against from a life of eating less than healthy foods and taking our bodies to areas of exhaustion and disease.  
So, wait for my next phase and see how this helps to restore my state of mind and physical energy.  I want to feel invigorated, calm and joyous with my life and state of mind.  If you are interested in joining me on this new challenge; message me today for my group info or just order the package and let me know you are ready to start your balanced life today!

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