My 21 Day Recharge!!!!

I am feeling restored this week!!  Let me tell you how my first week went on my newest adventure on Beachbody’s “Ultimate Reset Program”.

First of all, what the heck is this, anyway?

The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day program that is a total body “reset” to get people healthy on the inside, the same way the exercise programs get you in shape on the outside.  It’s a 3-phase program designed to do just that.  Without starvation.  Without having to sit near a bathroom all day.

Why is this important, you may be wondering?  For my own experience, I have been pushing my body intensely in the past 6 months (more so than usual) for my recent fitness competition.  The workouts were grueling; sometimes more than just once a day.  The foods were limiting and very specific in food selections, portions, timing and more.  I know I have been feeling a bit “overtaxed”; both mentally and physically and this wasn’t going to change with the busyness of our life.  I had to take action.  For the most part, we are breathing air and drinking water that are far from pristine and pure.  We are ingesting foods laced with things that are unpronounceable such as, chemical additives, preservatives, and pesticides.  We are also absorbing toxins contained in everything from children’s toys to the pillows we sleep on.  When does it end?  Sadly; with illnesses and diseases, unless we take action first!

Enter the Ultimate Reset.  I started the first week in the “Reclaim phase”.  This week is aimed at allowing your body to access it’s inner chemistry and prepare it for change.  (gulp)  I slowly removed foods such as red meat and dairy, which are known to place stress on the digestive system, from my diet.  Here is the rundown on week 1:

                                                         Breakfast on day 1!

Day 1:
I began this program on Saturday which turned out to be a rather busy day for me.  I had agreed to co-lead a group fitness “Body Pump” class with a fellow instructor and was a bit nervous, due the the fact that I wasn’t going to enjoy my regular morning coffee!!  GASP!!

Not surprisingly, I suffered a mild headache throughout the day and, no, aspirin and ibuprofen are not recommended on this program.  It’s about “sucking it up”…lol  I also had some clients to train and then proceeded to run around town with my daughter; in getting her readied for prom that evening.

I managed rather well for the day and once I had sent off my daughter to her evening date; I have to admit that I had a slight “cheat”; in eating some peanut butter.  (such a continuous problem for me~ lol)  Not to worry or get caught up in this fact; since the program says to jump back into the program and go forward.

Which I did proudly.  I resumed the meal plans and added in my optional snack for best satisfaction for the day.  I was extremely exhausted by 9pm; which is rather early for me!  I went to sleep (leaving hubby to wait up for our dear daughter) and slept soundly until 8am the next morning!!

                                           Dinner on Day 2 🙂

Day 2:
Today was oatmeal for breakfast and I don’t think I have to tell you how happy this made me!! 🙂  I am following the guidelines and not working out (besides yesterday’s class; to which I went exceptionally light for my “norm”) so my hubby and I enjoyed a nice long walk around our local lake.  I food prepped today, cleaned up a bit and shopped for the week’s necessities.  At 4pm, I sampled some of the banana bread that I had made for the family (although it was “clean”; it was still another cheat).  Once again, jumped on board the plan and moved on.  But I had to take the repeated cheat into account and find out what was the reason behind it.
At 8:30 pm, I was relaxing and watching tv with my hubby and was quite intrigued how my body began to “ache”.  My calves felt as if I had done a long and brutal workout.  I foam rolled them and stretched the but it continued.  Then the feeling moved into my hamstrings, thighs and tops and bottoms of my feet!  It was a dull, aching sensation and I wondered what I had done.  When I messaged a friend who was following it with me, she also was experiencing achiness; but for her, the sensations were mainly in her shoulders.  It was all part of the process.  Apparently, our bodies were recalibrating themselves and getting rid of toxins.  This was our “inner body workout” at it’s extreme!  Drinking water is recommended and soaking in Epsom salts; to ease the uncomfortable feelings.
I was exhausted again at 9pm and promptly went to sleep.

                                                           Day 3 Lunch!!!

Day 3:
Monday….ugh!!!  Today I was very foggy and much more achey than the night before.  Followed the meal plan more precisely today.  I noticed the dull achiness had moved also into my glutes and pelvic regions.  My energy levels were exceptionally low and it was a challenge just to keep moving.  These feelings reminded me of my recent “no carb” days of my competition meal plans.  Just pressed through.  No excuses and no complaining!

Day 4:
Excited to feel minimal soreness within my body today!  I hear that this is the beginning of the “good phase” now that the soreness and extreme fatigue and fogginess ease up.  Mental clarity and energy levels should be restored soon enough! 🙂  Food plan went well again today too.  The energy levels were better today than yesterday and by the evening; it was through the roof!  I still miss my morning coffee; but not for the reason you would think.  I don’t “crave” the caffeine; but I miss the traditional morning cup o’ joe that starts my day with happy feelings.  I also am missing my daily Shakeology; but I’ll do this for the benefits that are promised!

Day 5:
Woke up with slight soreness but energy levels restored again!! Yippee!!  I was secretly dreading “day 5” due to the previous posts from people who felt their “worst” on this day.  Then I learned the soreness and fatigue were anywhere from days 3-5; so I had apparently suffered the worst early on.  I am happy to admit that I am loving the foods allowed and surprisingly, I am NOT missing my workouts at this time.  (I had been worried about this part)

                                                            Breakfast Day 6
Days 6 & 7:
Thursday and Friday went the about the same. No soreness; although strangely whenever I would jump up and down, I would feel a dull aching feeling in my legs and pelvis!  (why am I jumping, you ask?  Cuz I was demonstrating moves for my clients and would notice this deep and extreme feeling every time…although I wouldn’t continue of course!!)  Excited for phase 2 and week 2!!

                                                              Breakfast Day 9!!!  (with some of my supps!)

Day 8 & 9:
I am currently on day #9.  Yesterday started the change of food allowances.  Breakfast contained only fresh fruits from the recommended list.  I wasn’t too happy with this limited selection but I have to admit; I felt fine!  Lunch was salad with homemade dressing and toasted nuts and seeds…yummy!!  Snack consisted of my green apple and then dinner was brown rice and beans.  I made it through the day with ease~  How could this be?  I don’t crave any sweets now.  I don’t crave anything at all!!  I made chicken and mashed potatoes for my family yesterday and not a twinge of wanting any of it.

This morning, I learned that I could now enjoy Tropical Shakeology for breakfast with some water, ice and fruit and let me tell you….my day is even better because of it!!!  Feeling energized, excited and ready for the week.

Massage is scheduled later today and some healing vibes will be enjoyed….