Happy Father’s Day Weekend’s End!!

So, we are wrapping up another weekend.

It was a blend of many busy and wonderful times.  Friday was spent finally having my son’s cast put on his broken wrist.  Although, the cast goes ALL THE WAY up his entire arm!!  I’m confused now as to why they are still referring to it as a broken wrist?  hmmmm

Oh well, it’s finally done and I am happy!  Son is a bit annoyed due to it now being summer time and he wants to go swimming, fishing, play basketball and other numerous activities which require the use of both hands…  But we will get through it nonetheless.

I am busy planning out the week ahead and getting ready for our yearly Summit with Beachbody next weekend in Vegas.  Time to meet all the peeps I know online only, catch up with those from previous events and learn more awesome news for this year.  I have also decided to get my P90X certification completed in July of this year.  So much awesomeness…so little time!!

Today was Father’s Day and although we didn’t do the big, usual “family get togethers”; we did go out with our family to Farrell’s and enjoyed some fun and sweetness!!  Great way to end this weekend.

I hope that you start the next week with renewed energy; a plan to make every minute count; and if you aren’t happy with what you are doing…then make adequate changes so you actually look forward to each and every day.  You are ultimately responsible for your happiness and outlook on life.  Be the light for others to see and become enlightened with.


My Momma Bear Rant!!!

Today deserves a rant…

I woke up completely exhausted for work at the crack of dawn.

So what?  Get over it, Kathy and go anyway.  Still exhausted after leading a group exercise class and one client.  Came home to call the doctor to find out where I can take my son for his broken arm.

For those of you who don’t yet know; my 14 y.o. son broke his wrist/arm last Friday after school.  We took him to the ER and it was put back into place, splinted and braced.

That’s how it still is…  It should be casted by now.. (is that a word?  Just curious)  So, I took him to his doctor on Monday and they said they would send out for a referral for the specialist to cast it.

I was told to wait 72 hours.  So I waited.

Today was the 72 hour mark and I decided to call and find out what was the verdict.  I was told that they weren’t able to get my referral since the insurance had somehow changed our primary physician in February and I would have to get the referral from them.

Ummmmm….excuse me???  Are you serious?  The doctors in the ER told us it had to be casted within a week.  And here we are; upon a whole darned week already and no cast.  Needless to say; I was one bitchy momma bear!!

The next few hours consisted of phone calls made (by me) to doctors, insurance carriers and more to sort this mess out.  I yelled.  I complained.  I almost cried.  I pretty much lost my voice today.

So, I was then sent into the “new” doctor (whose office seemed a tad uncomfortable and my son had me laughing at how “scared” he felt there…); who turned out to be a nice gentleman who basically looked at the brace, asked us a few questions and then proceeded to agree that yes; we would definitely need a referral for the specialist asap.


They were nice (probably due to the “whacked out” mom who showed up in their office today) and put an “urgent” message into the referral’s request.  So, we waited…

But I was done “waiting” and decided to call the insurance provider, carrier and the doctor all over again.  It’s true; the “squeaky wheel” does get oiled.  I was given the referral within one hour…


Now, we go in tomorrow for the casting…(again; is that a word?)…

And so it continues…