Happy Father’s Day Weekend’s End!!

So, we are wrapping up another weekend.

It was a blend of many busy and wonderful times.  Friday was spent finally having my son’s cast put on his broken wrist.  Although, the cast goes ALL THE WAY up his entire arm!!  I’m confused now as to why they are still referring to it as a broken wrist?  hmmmm

Oh well, it’s finally done and I am happy!  Son is a bit annoyed due to it now being summer time and he wants to go swimming, fishing, play basketball and other numerous activities which require the use of both hands…  But we will get through it nonetheless.

I am busy planning out the week ahead and getting ready for our yearly Summit with Beachbody next weekend in Vegas.  Time to meet all the peeps I know online only, catch up with those from previous events and learn more awesome news for this year.  I have also decided to get my P90X certification completed in July of this year.  So much awesomeness…so little time!!

Today was Father’s Day and although we didn’t do the big, usual “family get togethers”; we did go out with our family to Farrell’s and enjoyed some fun and sweetness!!  Great way to end this weekend.

I hope that you start the next week with renewed energy; a plan to make every minute count; and if you aren’t happy with what you are doing…then make adequate changes so you actually look forward to each and every day.  You are ultimately responsible for your happiness and outlook on life.  Be the light for others to see and become enlightened with.


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