When do you finally get excited to start over again?  I did this week!!

This past March, I competed in my first ever fitness competition and did amazingly and was so proud of my accomplishments.  The training phase lasted six months and it was honestly one of the most challenging phases of my life.  The workouts were intense but the hardest part for me honestly; were the meal plans. I stuck to it almost 100% and was dedicated 24/7.  Due to this intensity; I had to back off from any structure in the meantime and I know it was because I had been overtraining.

I love food.  I love to eat good food; and lots of it.  Granted, I eat “clean” and wholesome foods 90% of the time but since March, I’ve gained some extra weight and noticed that the definition I had the beginning of this year isn’t as pronounced as I would like it to be.

For me, the turning point came when a fellow trainer (and I’m NOT singling you out, Ed!! lol)  told me I should start training again.  I was super shocked at first since it came out a bit negatively and I know he didn’t mean it that way.  Anyway, I was re-energized to begin the process again of getting back to my circuit training sessions and meal plans again.  It’s a high that I am proud to feel again.

I haven’t decided whether or not I will compete again but I know the feeling of being as lean and fit as I had been is a definite!  Looking forward to attaining the next level of fitness and hope you follow my journey; as always!!