My Happy Friday Soapbox!

It’s Friday again and I’m feeling the energy pick up these days!!  It seems like the last few months have been a roller coaster of life; filled with stress, schedule issues, highs and lows and everything in between.

I know we are ultimately responsible for our success; or lack of it.  I believe it comes from faith, determination and a positive attitude.  I am working on keeping these three components in check, no matter what!!

Don’t you just love days when things just go “right” for no reason at all?  The downside is that you are already anticipating the counter day; when things don’t go right for no reason at all!!  What would happen if you just kept expecting things to stay on the high side?  What is the worst that could happen?

A day with some lows?

But isn’t that already happening?  So, why bother worrying about it?  Just move on and ignore the negative energy.  Focus on the positives; no matter how minute they might be.

If someone smiles at you; what do you do?  Hopefully, if you’re a good enough person, you smile back.   🙂  Count that as a positive.  How about being thankful for all the awesome things you have and can do each day.  Do you hate to exercise?  Well, at least you CAN!!  Count that as another positive.

I know this sounds a bit sugary and maybe corny but it’s true.  You should live your life as though you have reached all of your dreams and goals already.  Doing so will only bring that positive energy into effect.  Good things will happen.

Now go out and start now!