Dare to Dream Big!!

Do you have goals?  Desires?  Passions?  Etc?

If you’re a human being; chances are that you do.  I’m here today to challenge you to move toward these goals.  Most of us get sidetracked by the tasks of each day and the momentum of “life” that we never actually move to what we truly desire or hope to achieve.  Let’s start today by making the conscience effort to change these patterns.

For instance, you wake up each morning and complete the same tasks.  Whether you run off to work; get the kids and family off to school; get in your morning workout; etc…it’s always the same pattern.  I challenge you to set your alarm for at least 15-30 minutes earlier (and resist hitting the snooze button!); and put some time into moving toward a different pattern.  Read some personal development materials (because we should really never stop learning); take some time to write out your goals and dreams; reach out to others online, emails or whatever works for you; just sit and plan out your day.  

Starting the morning ritual this way; not only sets the tone of getting serious about your goals but also helps to realign the way you think and how you drive yourself forward.  Nobody ever changed their life by doing the same things each and every day.  What is truly stopping you?  Is this enough reason to give up on what you want and need most?

Another challenge I will ask you to take on is to write down everything you want to achieve in the next 12 months.  Don’t hold back.  By doing this, you are creating a plan in your mind; whether you know it or not.  The way to truly make this a success is to work backwards from the 12 month goals to today and figure out what is needed to be done to reach those goals; on target.  Are you afraid to dream big?  Don’t be…the sky is your limit!  Start now!

The third challenge that will truly help you today is to take some time to just do what you want to do.  What would that entail?  Quiet time?  Yoga or exercise?  Reading?  Family time?  Just sitting in silence?  Make your decision on what it will be each day (and it could be different every single day) and make it an appointment with yourself each day for at least 15 minutes.  Just think how fast 15 minutes goes in your day!   You could easily find that space and think of this as a “luxury” time.  It will allow your mind and body to grow and develop as you are meant to.  

I’d love to hear what you decided to take on and if you are brave; let’s formulate a plan to commit to these tasks for at least 7 days.  One week.  Are you serious enough?  Or are you just a dreamer?  The proof will be there; no matter what!!!


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