It’s the middle of the week and I’m excited to push this day forward and get to my fun-filled weekend getaway.

More about that later…

I wanted to share the issue of making excuses, when we are trying to reach specific goals.  I am a regular candidate for this but have been mindfully and physically working on making this a bad-habit turned around.  Do you ever find yourself making excuses over and over again to why something is not completed?

Guess what?  Excuses simply SLOWDOWN your motivation.  It starts a downward spiral into negativity and the notion that you “can’t” do what you had originally set your mind to do.

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.  I eagerly start a new task/job/etc and work furiously to get it started and moving in the right direction.  At the first few roadblocks; I find that my momentum slows and if I don’t self-talk myself into continuing on “no-matter-what”….I peter out and then stop believing that it’s possible.

How sad is that?

Does this sound familiar:

1.  You say…you’re too busy and you can’t seem to get things done.  Stop!!! Evaluate whether you’re doing busy work or productive work.  Work on what’s going to make you money first thing EVERY morning and you will be motivated to keep moving!

2.  You say….you have NO time!  This is one of the most often heard excuses I come across from my team.  If it is important to you; you will make the time!!  Block out a specific time frame for each and EVERY task you have and get it done.  It doesn’t have to be a large chunk of time.  Just like the guidelines to exercise are; split your tasks into shorter; yet specific, time breaks and work productively at getting them met.  Don’t allow for any outside interruptions or time wasters, such as Facebook/phone calls/emails/etc.  Outsource if needed.  Do the most important tasks FIRST, which will continue to motivate you!!

3.  You say…you don’t know where to start, so you don’t do anything.  (procrastination at it’s very best!)  This is truly one of my favorite excuses; as I’ve used it numerous times.  Stop worrying about doing things the “best way” or “perfectly”, there is no such thing.  Sit down and make a plan.  Keep it simple.  If you need help, get it!  A plan with direction equals motivation!!!

Start today by getting rid of all your “EXCUSES”.  Excuses slow motivation, period!

You MUST take responsibility, make the time, use that time wisely, and go out to make things happen.  The definition of the word, insanity, is to keep doing the same patterns while expecting a different outcome.  You have to make the change and change things up!

I have recently made a job change.  Was it scary?  YES!!!  Did I need a push?  YES!!  I surround myself with like-minded people and in doing so, have ample resources when I need a pep-talk or a reality check.

Bottom line, is that I made the decision and I am moving toward my goals knowing I’m already doing what needs to be done.

What will you do?  What can you start with today?

Plan to get rid of the excuses and watch your motivation go through the ROOF!!  Post below your biggest excuse and what you will do TODAY to make a difference!


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