It’s All Fun and Games When the 80’s Music Plays!!!

It’s the end of a wonderful weekend at the Beachbody Leadership Retreat in Dana Point, Ca!

I have to say that this weekend seriously blew my mind!!  There was so much take-home info I will be implementing into my biz and my life as well as the great new energy that was also enjoyed!  The past year really was a challenge for me.  I was working 12-14 hours each day and trying to run an online biz; as well as keep up with the needs and tasks of family life and home tasks.  Needless to say, I did my very best but it just wasn’t “good enough”.

So happy to have the recharged feeling again and I know I can still help those who need the support and accountability from me; just in a new “morphed” way.  I am excited to bring our mission statement into my daily focus now.  Helping people achieve their goals to live a healthier and happier life.  That’s what it’s about!

Now, we did learn so much and I’m happy to dream BIG and push for all my goals and dreams; but there was also so much FUN!!!  Seriously, the Body Combat workouts (there were two!) were truly amazing and the energy that Dan and Rachel brought to the stage was just infectious!  I’m now more excited to teach it in the gym and also promote the home workouts through Beachbody to bridge those gaps and get results!! 🙂  Pi-Yo with Chalene Johnson was so much more than I had expected!! Coni and I decided we wouldn’t need our workout shoes; since it IS a blend of pilates and yoga, right??  \

Ummmm…not so much.  Yes, we did some sun salutations, downdogs, boat pose and more but there was also some PLYO??  Really…you should have seen the two of us look at each other after Chalene announced THAT tidbit!! There will be more of that as Powder Blue (the company that Chalene and her hubby started that bring us TKB, Pi-Yo, Hip Hop Hustle and more) and Beachbody have now teamed up…

Last night was concluded with an awesome 80’s party!  OMG!! Talk about revisiting my childhood!!  I actually had asked my 16 year old daughter if I could borrow some of her clothes to wear to the themed evening; as the clothes today seriously take me back!!

She stated that she had no idea what I was talking about.

LOL  I teased up my hair (as much as I could these days; post Brazilian Blow out!), put on some chains and bracelets, drew heavy eyeliner around and in the bottom inner part of my eyes…who remembers doing their eyes this way too, back in the day?? LOL

The best part was enjoying everyone’s costumes and idea of what the 80’s were and meant.  Lots of “Frankie says Relax” slogans.  Lots of Madonna-ish dress.  Neon colors like you never knew existed and then there was the music…

ahhhh…the 80’s songs!  That was all I needed to end this weekend!!  Fun way to bond with fellow 80’s generation peeps and sing my heart out!! I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time and it sure felt amazing!!

Now, it’s time to head back to reality and bring this to the front lines!! What are your goals?  If it’s to get in shape, enjoy a better life, become financially independent…Beachbody (and me!) can help!!

I’m ready for this week….



2 thoughts on “It’s All Fun and Games When the 80’s Music Plays!!!

  1. While it’s important for one to keep busy, it’s equally as important for one to have more down time, you time. And as for being “good enough,” I’m sure you were giving 110% ! Which is a lot considering you have a family. You are such a great inspiration, touching many people’s lives.

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