Pure Daily Joy


You know when things aren’t going as you had expected and you are really feeling “stuck”?

That was me a few weeks ago…not happy with my over booked schedule and no time for anything remotely enjoyable; let alone the normal upkeep of life.

It was at an extremely low and vulnerable time of my life and I am thankful for the loved ones around me who have helped me move forward and leave the stress and unhappiness behind.

I actually have never felt like that before.  Yes, I’ve been stressed in my life.  Yes, I’ve endured a few heartbreaks and crisis.  Yes, I’ve felt like I had hit an all time low…

and yet, I was able to pull myself up (by the bootstraps, they say? )  and move on once again.

This time was different.

This time, I felt almost like I was moving through my daily tasks yet didn’t really FEEL anything.  I was numb.  My mind was in an ugly place.  I wanted to run from everything I knew.

But where?  Does it really matter; when you are feeling crushed by the severity of the pressures?  No…

If you have ever felt this low (and in these financially difficult times; I’m sure many of you have or are today); my advice is to RUN and get help NOW….

Don’t wait another second!! I honestly thought that it would “blow over” and I’d be better “tomorrow”….but tomorrow just adds more of the same if you don’t deal with it.

I reached out to my family and friends and their strict advice was to get out of all that was overwhelming.  I took their advice; although at the time I thought they were being hypercritical and sensitive and that I was going to be “fine”….

I quit my day to day “job” and decided to keep working on myself, my family and my home biz.  I was worried that I would wake up the next day and question what I had done.

But the opposite happened…I woke up THRILLED!!  I found myself skipping around and acting more like myself again.  Granted, this took a few weeks for the reality to sink in; but now, I’m sooo grateful and cannot believe the positive energy that surrounds everything I come into contact with!

I now believe that we should only do what gives us most joy and satisfaction.  Yes, we hear too often how we are supposed to “stop and smell the roses” and “not wait until tomorrow; what we could do today” …etc…

but it’s the truth and what’s the downside to being happy?

ummmmm….I’m at a loss for a downside…(besides maybe making the jealous-type people super angry at us)

I continue to conquer each day with excitement, joy and utter happiness.  Not many would have known how truly unhappy I had been; since I have learned to just “put a smile on and head into the day”…but there was no joy in my eyes…

I am told almost on a daily basis how “happy” I seem these days.  How much “younger” I look now…and so on…

It must be the sleep.  It must be the rest.  It must be time for what is truly important…

or…it could just be that I now look forward to life….

What about you???


2 thoughts on “Pure Daily Joy

  1. Woah. You have an awesome group of loved ones! I have been experiencing similar feelings lately. The “numb” feeling is one of them. I don’t think my life is quite as demanding, but my stress levels are soaring. Fortunately, my husband can sense my stress “symptoms” and help me reassess what I “think” is important to get done “now.” Sometimes we just need to open up or ask for help. Then that loved one can tell us how crazy we are and STOP!! Glad ur skipping;)

    1. Annie, I am sorry you are dealing with the amount of stress that leaves you numb. REassessing what is truly important and necessary was key for me and know that there are many of us who would support you; even if we don’t really “know” you; we can understand and that is a HUGE and lasting bond!!!

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