New Week/New Month



It’s the beginning of a new week and new month today!!

I started to wonder what I should write down for my new goals and then it dawned on me; I’m ALREADY doing what I want to do!! Imagine that!!  It kind of surprised me too!

As I stated in my last post; I recently quit my “day job” that was taking up about 14+ hours on 5-6 days of each week and leaving me with little else and still short in the paycheck department…lol

Even in “this economy”; I’m still ecstatic about my choice.  I’m living my life and paving the way to success on my terms!! woo hoo!!

Okay, I know you’re probably rolling your eyes skyward and pretending to gag with my gloating but I really am excited and I wanted to pass it along!! What do you want most?   A fitter body?  More energy? More time?  More money?  Did you know that the majority of people polled said money as their 5th choice?  So, why not take your own leap of faith and start living.

The more I learn about how to be successful and more productive; the more I believe in myself and my capabilities.  When I am annoyed by someone or something; I either figure out what is bothering me and change it or leave it alone and move on.  Who says I have to be around people and things that irritate me?  You don’t have to either!

Now, don’t let me fool you; there are many issues I am dealing with and working on correcting but it’s a work in progress and success is in the journey! (I’m a bit “quote happy” due to all the awesome personal development reading that I’m doing so if I irritate or annoy you; MOVE ALONG!!! )  lol  For example; I’m an exceptional project starter but the world’s worst finisher…

Does that sound familiar?

Seriously; you should see all of the half-read books and magazines in my house; the half-started projects and plans strewn around (hidden to the unobservant eyes; but I know they are there!) and more.  What is wrong with me?  Why do I get caught up in the excitement and then leave when I spot another “shiny” new project?

Apparently; I’m not alone.  There are many people like me (or at least that’s what they’re telling me to appease my ego!) and I’m learning about the harmful effects of half-completed projects.

All kidding aside; there is some negative energy and feelings that arise when I’m reminded of something incomplete.  For instance, when I walk into my room and see my pile of books and magazines on my bedside table (neatly stacked; I might add, as I suffer from OCD and they look so nice); it leaves me with a slight guilty feeling.  Just like when I notice a project or pile of items that never were put in proper order or completed, makes me feel inadequate.

These feelings are subtle and might not even be noticed the first few times they arise; but believe me, once they continue to happen…it becomes a larger void and I notice it can mess with my positive, natural energy each day.

I’ve learned to deal with it in one or more of the following four steps:

Do it…just finish the darned thing, already!

Delegate it…give it to someone who will finish it accordingly

Delay it…but give it a due date so it doesn’t sit unresolved forever again

Dump it…if it’s not important to you anymore…get rid of it!!! You don’t need to carry unfinished baggage that won’t help you move towards your main priorities anymore!

So, with that: I start this new week and new month.  Finishing up important tasks, making phone calls that have been on my to-do list for too long, returning items I know I don’t need anymore, and so on.  Making my list and checking the items off asap!

I foresee a great month ahead!! First up; this pile of papers staring at me on my desk!!  Happy October!!


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