My Goals DO Sometimes Scare ME!

Do you ever have one of those days when you think you can do EVERYTHING?

NO?  Then I guess I am nuts!! LOL

Today I had originally planned to run 5 miles; as per my marathon training schedule suggested.  That changed when my running partner asked me to run 10 miles with her today…gotta love that kind of energy and enthusiasm!

Feeling energetic and brave, I said YES!!

We met at 7am today and ran, not only 10 long miles, but trails and hills galore!!  The crazy thing about it was that I felt good after it was over.  Almost (but not quite!) like I could have run some more.

But I had to conserve my energy for this day.  I came home to EAT…since I was super hungry and then later completed LEGS training from the Body Beast workout.

Still feeling good, I went about my day.  Ran errands, cooked food for the weekend, washed some laundry and picked up my older sis from the airport!

yay!!! Girl time!!

For some “odd” reason, by 6pm….I was completely exhausted!! Like I needed a nap; exhausted! So, I did.  I took my body’s cues and laid down to a short; yet refreshing nap.  I don’t think she was offended as she was with the rest of the family anyway 🙂  Now, I’m pooped again…lol

The exhilaration and exhaustion mixture made me eat a bit “more” than I had planned but I think my body will be happy nonetheless!  I will go to sleep at a reasonable time cuz we have a full two more days together!!!

Bring it on!!!


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