If the Shoe Fits….


My marathon training is in high gear!!

Ran over 10 miles this evening on the beach and have to say that I’m super impressed at my running…(if I do say so, myself!)

Now, it does help that I have an amazing running partner in Grace Johnstone and she continues to push me with her pace and amazing energy! We ran the 5+ miles and then stretched out for a while before turning back and returning to our starting point.  It was at that time that I noticed my shoe and sock rubbing my foot uncomfortably and I could feel a blister forming, for sure! Booo!!!

Grace was so helpful and asked a few people on the run if they had a band-aid for us…

For some reason, that got some strange looks! haha…Anyway, I turned my sock around and it seemed to do the trick for the rest of our run.  It was exhilarating and I was proud of the accomplishment!  Funny how hungry we both felt as we neared our finish lines!! Gotta love that!!

Time for some new running shoes.  There’s still enough time to “break” them in and use them for the marathon.  LOL  Lots more! 😉


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