Miles and Miles Away!!!

Marathon training is getting to be a bit more “do-able”…

I ran 5 miles this past weekend in the cold, rainy weather of Salem, Oregon and it was exhilarating!  What have you done lately that pushed you out of your comfort zone?

I could have easily listed a few dozen reasons why I “shouldn’t” have run that morning but I knew if I put it off for another day (the first day in town, I opted to skip my run); I would regret it the rest of that day.  So, before anyone else was awake in the house, I laced up my shoes, put a sweatshirt on and headed out the door with my GPS on my new iPhone 5!!  (did I mention I just got a new phone?)

My hands turned numb immediately but that isn’t new for me.  My hands and feet are always cold.  My grandmother always said, “cold hands; warm heart” so I’m okay with it!  I ran along anyway, knowing that the body heat would soon warm me up.  The rain came down on me and I had no clue as to where I was going.  All that I knew was that I needed to run 5 miles that day for my marathon training.

So, I did.  I felt more energy than I had anticipated and actually was proud of my time!  woot woot! 😉

In any case, the following day I decided to take a rest day due to family time and travel plans but I already figured that today was to be my long run day.  I didn’t even flinch at the thought of running 13 miles today.  Heck, that’s already a 1/2 marathon!!  Gooo, me!! lol

My body was super tight after the run but I was so proud and continue to be amazed at how our bodies can adapt to the challenges we put upon them.  Granted; that we DO put our body through a variety of challenges so we continue to progress and not regress!!!


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