10 Weeks and What’s Slowing Me Down?

Here I am; just under 10 weeks to running my very first marathon!!









Check out the cool surfboard medal I will be receiving!! Yes, mindset is powerful!! I have been learning to “see” myself already earning my rewards for upcoming challenges can help solidify them into the reality!!


One recent issue that I have been dealing with (along with the drain and strain of longer runs and faster training) is a feeling of extreme fatigue when I’m not running and the heaviness and sluggishness from my longer runs.

I was baffled as to what the cause was.  I was eating right; training right; resting and stretching enough and taking my meal replacement (Shakeology) every single day.

The negative thoughts kept creeping in: “I’m getting too old for this.”  “I’ll never be able to finish this marathon.” “I’ll let myself and others, down.” and so it goes.








Was this going to help me?  Of course not!!





So, I set out to inspire a plan and started to read up on the subject of running.








Turns out that my symptoms screamed “iron deficiency”!!!  This is not news to me; as I’ve always been told from doctor’s visits in the past, that I was slightly anemic.  Back to the iron pills to help solve the problem.

I look forward to running with more energy and less fatigue and being able to recover faster too!!  Happy Healthy!!!




3 thoughts on “10 Weeks and What’s Slowing Me Down?

  1. Yes,I have iron deficiencies from time to time. Always forget about it when I get fatigued, then realize I need my IRON BABY! Have u heard of Hemaplex? It has good quality iron along with a mix of B’s. U can find it at Vitacost online. Awesome stuff for reasonable price!

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