Fabulously Domestic

Want to lose weight? READ LABELS! It’s not rocket-science, people. If you’re eating foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce, additives that you can’t picture in their natural state, or processed foods with longer ingredient lists than Santa’s naughty/nice roster, any weight loss will be temporary (if at all!).

Lasting weight loss comes from making lasting lifestyle changes — not just counting calories!

For the sixth and final week of Domestica’s Fitness Train Challenge (Season 3), we are focusing on three new nutritional guidelines from Michael Pollan’s book, Food Rules. All of Pollan’s Rules will help you re-program your thinking on what constitutes “healthy” food and that is why I chose to use his book as the basis of Season 3 of the Fitness Train.

Chances are, you’re being duped into thinking that low-fat products are healthy (they’re not!), that diet foods are what you eat when you want to…

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