Jessica Melara Success Story


In our second post regarding recent success stories; we have a very determined and very busy woman, Jessica!!  She never allows a hectic day to get in the way of her daily “Insanity” workout and always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude to share.  I know this is key to staying motivated and keeping accountable; along with the group support of our amazing challengers.

Need to get on track?  Read on for some motivation:

“My story starts with joining team beach body through a good friend. I have two friends who are military spouses and both are on team beach body. One of them was doing Turbo Fire and I was amazed at how well her body was transforming.  My other friend has bought the Insanity program and was telling me to join her in losing weight. So as I was watching TVand I saw the infomercial on Insanity and wanted to change my life style as well and I told my friend to count me in.

I did 4 weeks of Insanity and my husband noticed a slight body change. Then before Thanksgiving I was invited to the “Super Loud and Awesome Holiday Challenge Group” now I am into my 5 weeks of the program when I started my measurements on my waist was 43 inches now I am 39 inches.  I went from a size 14 to a size 12 in pants size. And I am still not done with the program I still have a month and 1 more week to go.”  ~ Jessica Melara

Just one month in and already down 4 inches in her waist; and 2 dress sizes??  That’s incredible.  In my days of Weight Watchers; we were always told that one dress size is equal to 12 lbs.  Which means that Jessica is down about 24 + lbs in just 4 weeks!!  Enough said and she isn’t even “done”!!  I love that about her energy in our group and I know it’s part of her life.  Like I always say to you in your posts, Jessica, you make me smile every day!!  Positive attitude and energy go along way in not only your personal growth; but also in the growth of those who are watching you!!!

She’s unstoppable!!


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