Happy New Year’s Resolutions? Again?



Have you noticed that we make the same promises to ourselves each New Year?


What are the top resolutions?

1. Spend more time with family and friends.

2.  Fit in more exercise.

3.  Lose weight.

4.  Quit smoking.

5.  Enjoy life more.



What usually ends up happening?  We all “resolve” to make this the year to finally make it happen.

Then February rolls around and we say “it’s too hard”…etc.

What is the problem?  It’s usually the fact that we feel pressured to make a new resolution to live a better and healthier life.  What better time than the start of a new year?  That’s wonderful when you think about this in unrealistic terms; but then enter reality.  Did you ever really “plan” to change or just simply “wish” or “fantasize” about making the change?  Most often, it’s the latter and this is the reason we don’t stay true to the dream.

You need to stop the madness!!  Resolve to never resolve on New Year’s Eve again!!  I have a great strategy that can work for any goal you may have.   I love to study books and audio on how to develop business and personal skills for best results.  I have recently listened to the CD that came in my Success magazine and this following exercise is based upon what I learned from this amazing disc! (and by setting up a plan like this; you can truly call it a “goal” and not just a “wish”)  This strategy is based on 3 key behaviors that can help you make anything a reality this coming year.

First I’d like to ask you to imagine you are celebrating the next New Year’s eve on December 31st, 2013.  As you prepare to ring in the new year; you fondly remember this past year and realize it has indeed been the best year of your life, to date.

Now ask yourself; what would have had to happen this year to make this statement true?  (this comes to you, from Brian Tracy, himself!)

Now for your exercise:

1.  Write down the 3 things that would have to happen this coming year to make it your best ever, to date.

2.  What is 1,2 or 3 key behaviors that, if done every day, will get you to your big 3 goals (above)?

3.  Track those behaviors each week, month, and quarter to make sure you are on the right path.


Darren Hardy gives us the example of losing weight:

3 key behaviors to make this goal a reality.

1.  Exercise at a high intensity level for 45 minutes; 5 or more days per week.

2.  Eat a nutritious meal plan designed for your body type and goals.

3.  Drink 10 or more glasses of water each day.


Doesn’t that make sense?  It seems like we should have already been doing it this way; after so many years of “failing” to produce our “wish list” and desires.  This year will be different and if you have the goal of losing weight and making fitness part of your schedule; join me in my next challenge group!!  Click the box to the right and learn more or join our next group!! Support, advice, motivation, accountability and fun are just a few of the benefits of our groups!





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