Do you live under a rock? That would be the only reason for not already knowing the significance of today’s date.  We will never see a date like this in our lifetime, so take it all in!! 🙂

The funny thing is that some people are already poking fun at how “annoying” it is becoming to hear everyone bring up the date.  Well, get over it cuz it’s going to last all day long!!

3496_449795795087488_1595505407_nAn even bigger deal for me personally, is that it’s my birthday!!  Yes!  Now, obviously there are other people celebrating their birthday today too and some are even turning “12”; so that would be an even bigger deal, right?

Well, it’s still pretty exciting.  My driver’s license this year; expires today and it has been pretty cool to see the expiry date as “12-12-12”.  I am indeed going to save it!

Although it’s a “cool” date to celebrate; I guess I’m not as excited about it as maybe I should be?  Take for instance at dinner last night, apparently my hubby had deliberated all day about what we should do to celebrate this special day.  He kept asking everyone at the table (me included), “what should we do”?  It has to be really special because this is a special day.  To which, my daughter asked, “why”?  And he retorted with, “will you ever get that?”  She answered with a chuckle and  a “no”.

I have to admire his excitement but it still just makes me giggle.   Really, how can you set apart this day from every other?  It’s a neat structure of events but I am happy to chalk it up as that!   How cool is it going to be for someone who is born today; and at 12:12:12?

I am happy to spend the evening with my loved ones and enjoying a comfortable and cozy night at home.  Am I boring?  Well, I don’t think so.  I believe that this truly sums up my happiness and blessings at it’s best!  Now, to get someone to make me this cake…..



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