Marathon training is HARD!!!

I’m serious (not that I imagine you thought otherwise), these training days are seriously testing my body’s and mind’s capabilities.  I know it will make me better when the big day finally arrives but, seriously????

I ran 10 miles today; only to ready myself for EIGHTEEN  miles tomorrow!!!  EIGHTEEN!!!    (Do you like the written form in order to stress the number?)  I have never run 18 miles.  Ever….(getting back together)…sorry!

Anyway, as far as the longest I’ve ever run; I’d have to say LAST SATURDAY, with SIXTEEN MILES!!!!  It’s amazing how our bodies can adapt.  I’ve been training for a few months already and have been feeling better adapting to the increase in mileage; but my hubby literally freaked out when he found out I was going to run SIXTEEN MILES by myself last week!  (my running partner and I had busy schedules that weekend)

Not that I blame him, in the least.  Is it crazy?  You bet!!  Am I a bit crazy?  Well, I can’t single myself out since MILLIONS of peeps run marathons every year.  (and I didn’t even look up that number but I’m sure that it’s close enough).  Although, aside from this training; yes, I might just be a little bit cray!!!

At least I can eat more CARBS!!!!!!  🙂


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