Success Story: Daniella Zepeda Gallegos

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    Here’s a success story that shows the impact we can have on our bodies and our health!  Daniella did not allow anyone’s opinion stop her from succeeding.  When I first met her; I remember the strong determination she had; despite some naysayers.  Her story proves that we have ability to do whatever it is we desire; if that desire is strong enough.  Is your desire this strong?


    “I have always had a love of sports, working out and dance which always kept me in decent shape. I was your average, workout to eat type of a girl, but never quite got the hang of a consistent diet. I thought I ate well by avoiding carbs and eating a high protein diet.

    When I got pregnant I gained 45lbs, I figured the weight would come off once I had the baby and went back to my exercise routine. I lost some of the weight, but I still felt awful: I was always getting sick, tired, sluggish and cranky.

    In January 2012, I went for my annual physical, I weighed in at 159lbs and blood work showed I was pre-diabetic and had high cholesterol. It was not the life I wanted to live so I got serious and joined Weight Watchers and started going to the gym 3x/week. I lost about 8lbs, but hit a major plateau in May and for 8 weeks, the weight went nowhere. I got very discouraged and thought I’d be fat forever.

    I started working with an AMAZING trainer, ahem, Kathy! I learned about nutrition, caloric intake and the importance of clean eating. Each session, I pushed a little bit harder and by the time our sessions were done I weighed in at 143lbs. Once we were done, I decided to take on the Insanity Challenge and start drinking Shakeology. I did Insanity up until Day 42 due to a surgery I needed to have. My results were amazing. I had surgery on 11/14/2012 and I weighed in at 136lbs!

    I am no longer pre-diabetic or have high cholesterol. In fact, my numbers are better than they have ever been. I’m extremely happy where I am at right now. This time last year, I was in a bad place and I never would have thought I’d be where I am at today. I have definitely made a lifestyle change. It takes work, but it’s work and extra effort I’m willing to put in to be healthy.” ~ Daniella Zepeda Gallegos


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