Mind Over Matter




My body is tired.

My legs are heavy.

Sometimes, I wonder why I am doing this.

For those of you who know nothing about my recent challenge; I’m about 6 weeks out from running my very first, full marathon.

I’m scared, excited, anticipant, and a bit crazed to think about what I’m about to put my body through.  But even though I fight with these roller coaster emotions and feelings; I’m over the top ecstatic to prove to myself that I can indeed accomplish this task.

I have learned so many things throughout this training journey about myself, my friends, fellow runners, my family, my nutrition; and so many more wonderful topics that this reason alone; is reason to continue.

I wake up some mornings; doing all that I can to mentally “talk” myself out of running that day.  The excuses never end.  I’m tired.  My legs hurt.  I have too many other things to do. The runs are getting longer and too much time is being spent on this training.  I don’t want to.  I’m cold.

The list goes on.

When I focus on the true reason for my excuses and lack of ambition to run; I realize that deep-down; I’m just frightened.  What if I don’t finish well?  What if my training is all in vain?  What if I let down my running partners, family members; or worst of all; myself?

What do I do?  I just go anyway.  The excuses and the fatigue are all part of the journey.  I can either give in to them and give up on my dream and feel completely miserable about myself.  OR…I can just go anyway and deal with the negative issues at hand but I’m always surprised (and really, I don’t know why I’m seriously “always” surprised; cuz it happens so often!!!) after about the 3rd mile or so; I feel completely and utterly in bliss.  How fortunate am I to be able to run like this?  How can my body continue on past miles; 12, 13, 14, 15, and recently 18 miles???  How awesome that I pushed through my limiting thoughts!

It’s only taken me 41 years to realize that my negative thoughts are just that.  NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!!  That’s it!!  Nothing more; nothing powerful or life threatening in any way.  Just simply a negative thought.

Make them seem insignificant and there will be no stopping what you can accomplish this next year!

What will it be….


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