There Goes My Training….

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Today; I hit the wall.


Seriously, you’d think after “just” running an easy 6 miles yesterday (and then proceeding to teach Body Combat and PiYo classes; and later a P90x class); I’d have enough energy to sustain my interval run today.


Here’s my training details for today’s run;

2 miles slow to warm up

3 miles FAST (and my iPhone app trainer says the word “fast” in a menacing way)

3:00 slow

3 miles FAST (a bit more menace, to it)

3:00 slow

3 miles FAST and then 1 mile slow

ummmmm….that doesn’t sound like the description of today.  The title was “3 X 3” workout.  Doesn’t the name make it sound like we’ll do 3 minutes at a time?  Imagine my fright when I realized I was meant to run over 12 miles on an interval day.

In any case; I could always complain about what scares me but I always just suck it up and go anyway.  Seriously; who cares, right?

Out I went to get this run completed; I gave myself a two hour window to complete.

About 30 minutes into this workout; I started to fail miserably.  My legs were leaded; my breathing felt more labored than usual and my mental state was a wreck.

This is the time I usually scan through my day and see how my foods and rest might be causing the negative effects but I had taken measures to eat right and have been sleeping quite well…thank you very much!

I realized that my body has been fighting off some recent illnesses that have been going around (and my body is kicking some booty!) and there has been all the holiday dramas; more people; more energy spent; etc…

Baby crying


And my #1 reason for feeling like I felt today was that I MISS GRACE!!!  My running partner is out of town for the holidays and I didn’t figure it would feel so EXTREME!!!  Here I was; someone who never really “needed” to work out with others but enjoyed it, nonetheless.  Well, now I NEED!!!  The good news is that for my first 20-mile run (coming up on Saturday); I will be running with a running group at the beach so I think I will survive! 🙂

So, in conclusion of my day’s run; I ended up finishing the 2-3 milers and headed home.  Hey, 8 miles out of 12 isn’t all that bad but it was the first workout on my training schedule that wasn’t completed as it was written.  I guess I’ll be okay…

Hey, I finished my 18 miles by myself and still felt like a champion so let’s see how this 20 mile stint goes on Saturday!! Ha!!!

Tomorrow, is rest day from running…

but teaching Body Pump, Yoga and Sr. Fitness….

There goes the rest day…


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