Happy New Year!!!

Last day of 2012 and what have you got to show for it?



As I reflect on this past year and welcome in a new year; filled with new goals and excitement; I’m eager to share some of my recent successes!

Firstly,  I ran my furthest distance of my LIFE this past weekend; a whopping 20 miles!!  Woo Hoo!! Nothing to snort at for a “41” year old 🙂

I had anticipated a long and grueling, cold run that morning but was met with a sunnier start than I expected.  I laid out all of my “goodies” the evening before; my new water belt and water with electrolytes, 3 packs of Gu for fuel, my iPhone and belt, and my earphones.

In order to make the run more bearable; I knew I’d have to run with at least one or more other runners for support and motivation.  It was a good thing that the “Snail’s Pace” running group had their longer run at Huntington Beach that day too.  I planned to start with them; but had to run 6 miles longer than they were running.  No worries; since I already knew that I had completed my 18 mile run a few weeks prior by MYSELF and lived to talk about it!! Ha!!

In any case, the run seemed to go much faster and better than I expected and I know it’s because I was more prepared than in the past.  I hydrated every few miles and refueled with the Gu at miles 4, 10 and 15.  My endurance was amazing and I think had my legs not felt like they were ready to collapse; I’d have been able to finish those last 6 miles of my marathon and I still have 5 weeks to train!  That was an exciting revelation.

Good thing that the long run days are followed by a rest and recovery day.  Sunday was that.  Nothing in terms of exercise for me that day; although I used my foam roller more than once this weekend and I’m much happier for it!

Aside from my training summary; I wanted to take some time to share my “short” 7-mile run from today…the last day of 2012.  Yes, 7  miles may not sound short but after you run 10,18, and 20 miles; it’s a pleasure!!!

While I ran today; a song came up on my Pandora station that I’d never heard before.  It was a rap song and at first; I wasn’t very impressed with the lyrics, as it was complaining about the illegal status of marijuana (I guess that just depends on where you live these days)…that’s not my point of this share so I am moving along…





The song is by “Lazyboy” and called “Underwear Goes Inside the Pants”…

The name is actually in honor of one of his rants regarding helping the homeless and I won’t spoil that part of the song in this blog.  I will, however, spoil some other portions of the song that made me LAUGH out loud!!! Seriously, I was running and these funny points made an impact due to how much truth was spoken.  (now, there are parts to the song I don’t condone for young kids due to the graphic nature so please don’t write back to me, yelling that you had your kids listen in to this RAP song!)

Anyway, one of the thought provoking points that “Lazyboy” made (and not so sure if that’s his true name; but I’m guessing not) was, how many ads about diseases and illnesses are on tv these days.  Here is an excerpt from his song;

“I can’t watch tv without thinking I have 5 serious diseases.  Like, “do you ever wake up tired in the morning?”  OMG!!! I have this…write this down!  Whatever it is; I have it!  Half the time, you don’t even know what the commercial is; there’s people running through fields, or flying kites, or swimming in the ocean.  That is the GREATEST disease ever?  How do you get that?  That disease comes with a hot chick and a puppy!” ~Lazyboy

Seriously?  Isn’t that the truth?? At this point; my running brain was truly listening and agreeing with all these amazing points he was singing (or talking) about!

The next portion spoke huge volumes to me.  It’s about our culture and the very large (pun intended) issues of obesity.  Again; here’s another few lines taken from his song:

“Americans, let’s face it, we’ve been a spoiled country for a long time.  Do you know what the number ONE health risk is in America?  OBESITY.  OBESITY!!!!  They say we’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic.  An EPIDEMIC!!!  Like it’s polio.  Like we’ll be telling our grandkids about it one day…

‘How’d you get through it, grandpa?’  ‘It was horrible, Johnny, there was cheesecake and pork chops everywhere!’  Nobody knows why we’re getting fatter?  Look at our lifestyle.  We all sit in line at a drive thru, behind 15 other cars, instead of getting up and making the 8 foot walk to the totally empty counter.  Everything is mega meals, supersize and ‘only 3 cents more’ to do so!”  ~ Lazyboy

I actually got chills from that.  What he said couldn’t have been more to the point and made it sound completely ridiculous!!! Really??? An eating too much epidemic?  How lazy and spoiled have we become to NOT take action?

If you are busy writing up some silly New Year’s Resolutions list; please just stop and throw that nonsense away!!  You know that they are meaningless and simply a “wish” list that will never amount to much after the first few weeks of the year pass.  Instead, I challenge you to lead by example on an important issue in your life or community.  The more we hold ourself and others accountable to specific and realistic goals; the more we can grow in changing the nation.  Even if you aren’t affiliated with a fitness solution; you can still help others by starting yourself today!!!!



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