Shall I Show You the Door?



What is it with excuses?

I have been hearing so many “buts”; “if only” “cant'”and more this weekend that I’m a bit fed up.  For some reason, when we are ready to make a change or reach a goal and things get “hard” or “uncomfortable”; we reach for our favorite exit door;


Pathetic, don’t you think?  Not that I’ve never given my share of excuses.  They are there for you when you want out of your goals because something became too difficult or uncomfortable for you to persevere.

It happened tonight on the new season of “The Biggest Loser”.  Now, I don’t condone the training techniques and ridiculous workout sessions and yelling that is done on the show but guess what?  IT’S REALITY TV!!!   Which means it’s not REAL life!  Real life is messy.  We don’t have the luxury of living amongst people who are all dealing with the same exact issues and working towards the same exact goals; along with the free and complete availability of more than one personal trainer, cooking tips, challenges and more.

For that reason, I’m moving on to my point…

In tonight’s episode (and in case you’ve ti-vo’d it and haven’t watched; spoiler alert!); one of the contestants couldn’t take Jillian’s yelling and demanding workouts (seriously; I think this would piss most people off but if you are arguing with me here; see paragraph above) and became highly emotional and refused to continue the workout.  Jillian asked her to either work out or leave the ranch.

She chose to leave.

Really?  I think I saw a look of complete and utter shock on Jillian’s face too; but no matter what…the contestant made her choice.  She wasn’t ready to make the changes; no matter how ridiculous some of the methods are.  Had this woman made the decision to push through all difficulties; her choice would have been different.

Most of the people who give up or give excuses to anything (and it doesn’t have to be about weight or workouts; any goals that are pushed aside count) at anytime; are not truly committed to their end result.  We know things are going to get hard; we know that we will struggle and fail at some points.  The secret (for lack of better word; cuz it’s not really a secret) is how strong you want to reach your goal.

If the desire is burning to your core and matters more than the pain and discomfort you feel; you will reach the goal.  If you give yourself an “out”; you WILL take it when weak.

Stop the craziness and just move forward.  Otherwise; don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  Other people need the attention; who are more committed…



2 thoughts on “Shall I Show You the Door?

  1. Thank you for your comment-sense approach to life, as well as to weight loss and exercise! As a nutritional counselor, I so enjoy watching my patients take control over their addictions and bad habits.You are so right, that unless they want it more than I want it for them, they won’t succeed. Creating a sense of self-worth within them, having them recognize that God doesn’t make junk and He made them so they’re worth it, is the first step.

    So enjoyed reading this post! Keep changing lives one at a time. Oh and I agree, that reality TV shows aren’t everyday reality at all!

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