In Honor of Boston 2013….

I am a runner.

running woman

I recently ran my very first marathon in February of this year in Huntington Beach, CA and although I had attempted to qualify for the Boston Marathon; I finished well behind the qualification time.

The Boston Marathon was held today.

At about 4 hours and 10 minutes; three explosions erupted and sent shock waves and terror through the country.  There were confirmed deaths; one an innocent 8 year old girl.  There were countless injuries.  There was complete panic throughout a tight-knit community.

Runners have an advantage of being able to “leave it all behind” once we lace on our shoes and head out the door.  The hard work and determination to continue on; mile after mile becomes quite an addictive pattern that only fellow runners can understand.

Today, that peace and freedom feeling was shaken for all of us.  My heart goes out to every runner who took part in the marathon this year.  I pray for the victims and the families who were struck by this hideous and appalling instance.

In honor of the victims, we ask if you have ever  run a race during your life; to wear your shirt tomorrow to show we are a strong community who will not fear the idiotic practices of those who have no conscience or human compassion.  Evil and hate will not win out.  Running is such a metaphor for any challenge in life; and I believe that in doing something to help bring us all together tomorrow; will show that we can rise above anything and win.

Here’s to everyone who ran today; and who will continue to run in the coming months and years.



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