Have You Tried the Latest Diet Craze?

Through more than 20 years (the more I say that; the less impact it has on my ego of getting “old”) in the fitness industry; you can bet that I’ve heard some interesting and completely ridiculous ideas.  It still makes me cringe when someone tells me something that they “heard” that is so idiotic, I’m a bit shocked they believed it to a point.  But who am I to judge?  Let me tell you a bit of my first few thoughts and ideas to get in shape.

When I was a teenager, I had 3 growing younger brothers that could quite literally, eat us out of our home!  The foods that they devoured in tiny increments of time were something to be shared in the Guiness book of world records.  It was at this time that I blame my beginning stages of emotional eating (cuz we really have to pin it all on someone or something else, right?) occurred.  I would be so proud to try a new recipe and upon taking the completed creations out of the oven to cool on the sink; I’d happily go about cleaning up my mess, like the OCD cook that I am.  (sidenote:  In my former “life”; I wanted to be a pastry chef and caterer)

It couldn’t have been more than a few minutes that lapsed, yet, once I turned around to check on my foods…it was gone.


Could you imagine how horrible that was?  (okay, but to me it was disastrous!)  No amount of yelling or tattling resulted in any resolutions of this matter so I took it into my own hands.  I decided I’d outwit them at their own game.

I would double the recipe and bake two of anything I wanted.  The upside to this was that I took the second item for myself.

Seriously, Kathy?  You, alone? 


You betcha!  That only lead to me gaining some unwanted weight and having to deal with the emotions that took place then.  Well, it was a good thing I also had a younger sister.  Eight years younger, to be exact.  And wouldn’t you know it?  She was a petite and tiny young EIGHT YEAR OLD!!!!   I figured I’d be fine if I just followed her diet plans.

Again, really, Kathy???

Yes, I figured she ate every day and seemed happy enough and was thin as could be.  What could possibly be absurd about eating her sized portions?

I’m really a bit embarrassed by that memory but it just proves to me that I was not immune to ridiculous thought patterns of my own doing.  Just imagine, if my friends had told me some great “tips”…that would have been GOLD!!

In honor of today’s topic and the most absurd and annoying “beliefs” that are shared amongst anyone who will listen; I share with you some of mine.

1.  (and this is only #1 cuz I hate it the MOST!)




1.  Lifting heavier weights than 3-5 lbs will make a woman look like a world-class bodybuilder.   seriously?  Omg!! And to think those “bodybuilder” types waste all of that valuable time and energy actually TRAINING and EATING and SUPPLEMENTING to look like they do.  hmmmmm

2.  You have to train your abs MORE to get a six-pack.  again, if you have never heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen”…just stop reading now…

3.  Cutting calories is the best way to lose weight; so I will just eat one meal each day and get the best results!! anything below 1,250 cals a day is just asking for metabolism issues…

4.  Slow and long cardio is the best way to lose weight.  nope again!!  Cardio, strength training AND a good, clean diet are all key to your success!! Don’t believe anything that tells you the opposite.

5.  Don’t eat at least 3-4 hours before bed or you will not lose weight.  Myth!!! By eating throughout your day and fueling your body with the proper calories, nutrients and foods that you need, there is no magical time to eat.  There is, however, the guidelines on WHEN to eat certain foods.

6.  If you exercise every day, with the most intensity; you can eat whatever you want to refuel.  bogus!! Your diet is responsible for about 80% of your success.  I know, I hated the person who told me that the first time too but it’s true!!  Just try to prove me wrong!!

7.  Holding weights while doing cardio increases your calorie burn and gets you better results.  while the extra weight will make you work a little harder; the level of intensity will not outweigh the fact that you are putting undue stress on your shoulders and elbows.  You’d have more success by bumping up the intensity and/or resistance to the workout instead.

8.  Eat more protein and build more muscle.  To an extent, this is true.  We need adequate protein intake to help repair and grow our muscles but overdoing it only leads to fat storage from the calories that are not used.

9.  Squats will hurt your knees.  duh, if done improperly and with bad form, it will put undue stress and pressure on your knees and lead to problems.  The problem, however is not the SQUAT; but the SQUATTER.  Build your quads and hamstrings and learn how to do a proper squat and your knees will thank you forever!

10.  Don’t workout when your muscles are sore.  yes, adequate rest between strength training is necessary but in terms of soreness, sometimes a light workout can help to alleviate the residual soreness.

So, there you have just some of my faves but I can go on all day if you want! (I thought not!)  What are some of your most ridiculous myths; both ones that you’ve heard and believed?  Share below so I know I’m not alone on this subject…and please don’t believe everything you read on MSN or see in the gossip magazines…



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