Fork It Over!!!

Have you seen the documentary “Forks Over Knives”?  I know I’m a bit late to the game but finally watched it yesterday and I’m so much more pumped up to get as many people as possible on the track to choosing better foods.

296214_170173763069213_2125074551_n        Today is Memorial day and this usually brings about barbecues at the beach or in the backyard and a smorgasbord of fat laden side dishes and desserts to go along with all of that protein.

I’m not going to even ask that you change the way you eat today and this week; but instead, take note of everything that you put into your mouth.  If you are brave enough, write it all down.

No judgments and no changes….yet.

You may be surprised at the foods that are eaten on a daily and weekly basis that isn’t really “food” after all.  It’s usually modified, preserved, treated, added to, smashed into oblivion and recreated into something different.  That’s nutritious???

Although I am known as an “extremist” to my family and friends on how I eat and exercise, I still have plenty of room to improve after watching this movie.

In a short wrap-up of the info shared within this awesome show, it basically tracks disease growth over the generations and within specific countries and regions across the globe.  Not surprisingly, United States leads on most unhealthy habits and record breaking disease and ailments within our population.  This has all began to expand as our lives have become increasingly busier; and fast-food habits and “quick & cheap” alternatives won over the healthy ones.

But really, how difficult and expensive is it to eat some vegetables and grains?  If you cut back or even limit your dairy and meat products, you will find that you have more energy and spend less money on groceries.  Have you ever heard the best way to grocery shop?  Only shop the perimeter of the store.  Do not go into the center aisles, unless you are buying grains and beans and a few other basic and healthy options to add to the veggies and fruits you can find in the front of the store.  Another option (and one I frequent on a weekly basis); is to shop at a farmer’s market or local produce stand/store.  The costs are completely affordable and your options will resemble all the colors in a rainbow.  (happy foods!! win-win!)

The most amazing research that had me amazed in this movie, was in how these two highlighted doctors helped their patients overcome and recover completely with just their diets.

Amazing!!  Imagine not having to buy and take expensive and energy sucking medications and worrying if it is going to help you in the long run.  There was a woman who had developed cancer and her physician gave her less than a year to live.  She visited one of the doctors who had done his life’s studies in how important nutrition is in keeping disease at bay; and healing the body from within.  It has been many years and she is not only still alive, but running triathlons, marathons and competing (and winning the gold medal in her age range!) in the Iron Man all at the “young” age of 70!!  Tell me that doesn’t make you gasp!


I’ll be starting a group of like-minded and willing participants to join me in this journey to finding balance from within.

What do you think?


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