Lemons Can Be Your Best Friends!!

Is today one of those days?  I find it amazing how we can find ups and downs within a month, week, day and hour to hour.  Why is this so?  Is life this flippant?  946926_464147313660287_447013758_n  I don’t think so.

In fact, I believe it’s mostly our mindset and how we react to specific triggers.

Think about it for a moment; is there a time in your life where everything is perfect?

Of course not!!!

But even in the midst of challenges and setbacks, we can find joy and pleasure in the simple things too.  Crisis’ are major issues and yet you can find a time within these difficult areas of stress where you can fit in a smile or a happy thought.

What is going on in your life today that is causing you stress?  Are you allowing it to consume you; or do you plan accordingly how to deal with it and keep a happy medium in your mind?

I’m constantly amazed at stories I hear regarding people I know (and quite well!) that are going through major life strains and yet I would never have guessed it by their demeanor and attitude.  Do you think this plays a part on the outcome?

Possibly not but why risk all that stress and negativity building up in your life and your mind when it’s clearly something out of your control (or you’d have blown right past it by now!)  Am I right?  Or am I right?

Wise answer 🙂

253368_460129127395439_534013659_n   So when life hands you lemons (and this saying always makes me smile because it’s ridiculous at best!); don’t allow it to sour your mood!  Make good of it…which obviously is to make lemonade…or whatever else you enjoy lemons for!


Make a list of all the things that are stressing you today.  You know; the issues that make your body cringe at the thought of them?  List them down and then one by one; cross them off.  If you have no control over them; let them go.  Do what you can and move along.  Take the mindset that it is what it is and whatever materializes won’t mess with your awesome attitude!

Never give up.  Ever ever.  And when you want to reach a goal or milestone; stop second guessing your chances and just get out and do it!


If You’re Happy and You Know It!

Happy Wednesday to you!!

Today I wanted to share with you the whole concept of being where you are today.  Are you happy with your current financial, fitness, relationship, time-management, stress, etc levels?  Why or why not?

I have to say that I’m a recovering “blamer” to many of these areas.  For example, when I wasn’t happy with my fitness or weight; I’d simply blame it on something or someone else.  “I don’t have the time to workout like I want.”  “My kids take all of my time.”  “I don’t have a private cook or money to buy all the pre-cooked foods to follow a specific plan.”


Excuses are just that; excuses.  Nothing more and nothing less.  They should actually be changed to “blah blah blah blah blah.”…because it accomplishes the same result.


Did you know that you are exactly where you are today; who you are today and with your current situations you are with today because of the choices and habits you’ve made up to this point?

The first time I read that piece of information, I pretty much threw a fit.  Seriously.  MY FAULT???  How dare you blame ME!

But in all honesty, once I got over feeling blamed, I realized it was completely true!








So, what to do?  I guess after you come to the realization that this is true for you too (many times, peeps NEVER get past this and linger in unhappy mode all their lives!), the choice is up to you on which path to take.

The current path that is making your unhappy and not taking responsibility…


or the path to change it up and make things happen.  Now, granted, a few changes won’t be that apparent in a few days or weeks time, but keep it up and that will compound to making HUGE changes over time.  Trust me, consistency does pay off.  If you keep plugging away (kinda like the tortoise and snail do); you’ll always reach your destination.  But, if you hurry up and get frustrated then stop and go into another direction; time after time, you will NEVER get anywhere!!!

Am I right; or am I right?  Bingo!!!


How Passionate Are YOU?


Happy Monday…now that it’s over! lol

I had some time this weekend to read some personal development awesomeness by John Maxwell.  I find it so sad that many people go into job fields that they don’t even enjoy just because it was forced upon them; or at least something they were lead to believe was their “best choice”.  How do you get up in the morning to go to a job that you HATE?  I mean, I don’t like to be a negative-Nelly on any topic but this would drive me insane!

I was fortunate to have found my passion at a young age, just due to the fact that I was fighting with issues that made me unhappy and in searching for answers; I found my passion.  Who knew that I’d love all things fitness and health related?  But I do!

Take for instance, my queue on my Netflix channel.  I just finished watching “Forks Over Knives”…(look at my previous post regarding that gem!) and yesterday I finally caught “Fat, Lazy and Almost Dead”…wow!!! Another awesome documentary!  This one about an Australian man who comes to America, fat and sick, on a mission to get healthy.  He decides to do a 60 day juice fast and the results are spectacular!! He loses almost a hundred pounds and ends up getting off all of his medications…and there were almost a dozen bottles when he started!  He also motivated many others to do the same; including a severely obese man with the same skin disease as the star.  This man, (Phil) starts the very same cleanse and also loses an amazing amount of weight (well over a hundred pounds) and clears up all of his health issues and medications too!

Does this interest everyone?  Not so much.  I guess to most, it’s not really “exciting” to watch but I am completely engaged in doing whatever I can to stay healthy and help others do the same.

So, be bold and find what truly inspires you!! Remember, if you are passionate about something in life and work in that field; you never have to be pushed to go to work or work harder ever!!

Imagine that!! Now…for my guilty pleasure; watching “The Voice” with my kids. See?  I’m not that odd!!! 🙂