Bikini Fitness Challenge

Are you envious of fitness models and women who look good in a bikini? Do you just want to FEEL better about your body in general? Either way, you CAN have it and you don’t need any gimmicks or spend thousands of dollars to get there!



If you want to achieve long-term results, you MUST commit to a healthy LIFESTYLE change. Ditch the diet mentality and quick fixes; they are only going to steer you down a viscous cycle of deprivation, unhappiness and lack of health.  I am starting a monthly challenge to help you get in the shape of either a bikini competitor, or just a real-life best version of  YOU; without having the costs of a competitor or fancy gym and trainer fees! 😉

This challenge sets you up for success by showing you how to build a healthy lifestyle you can commit to. It will show you that healthy, clean foods can make you feel amazing and taste delicious. There is a huge difference between just losing weight versus being healthy, lean and fit. It will show you that exercise can boost your mood, energy and self-confidence. It will also teach you that a positive mindset and an optimistic attitude can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality of your life.

No more “diets”; commit now to making this four-letter word obsolete from your life.  You will never look back. Kick negative thoughts to the curb. You CAN do this. You have to believe in yourself. “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”.  If you want something bad enough; you have to search within you for the strength and follow through when things get tough…and believe me, life will try to get in your way and sidetrack you.  Don’t let this happen.

You must remember along your journey that nothing worth having comes easy.  If it were easy, everyone would be in amazing shape.  There are no magic pills or potions to get you there faster.  Stop believing any hype that says otherwise.  You must commit to the fact that transforming your body and life will take hard work, patience, dedication, determination, discipline and deep seated desire to keep going; no matter what.

What is this challenge about?  You will enjoy daily workouts from either a proven fitness plan or my own plan; plus a personalized meal plan that will nourish your body, without adding harmful additives, chemicals or preservatives of any kind.  Your body does not accept these unknown additives as “foods” and can wreak havoc on your goals and ultimately, your health.  I will be your “trainer/coach” for the next few months and you can decide to follow from anywhere of 30 days and on.

Your decision awaits but my next challenge begins soon so don’t wait much longer!

Are you in?  Or are you just going to make another excuse?

What will be included:

Meal Plans (with Vegetarian Options)

Grocery lists

Workouts for all weeks

Motivation and Accountability (help to keep you on track)

Tips on Eating Out

Shakeology for dense nutrition while cutting back calories and supplementing your life

& Personal attention that is available 24/7!

*If not satisfied within 30 days; get your money returned to you!*

If interested, please send an email to me titled: Bikini Fitness Challenge Group – 

2 Days Out!!!


Motivation; Do You Have It?

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I am frequently asked how I stay motivated.

Motivation is a deeply personal thing. It’s important to realize that what motivates ME might not motivate YOU. Find something that makes you feel alive and excited.  In case nothing leaps out at you, here are a few things to consider!

  • Set goals for yourself. When you’ve achieved them, reward yourself with something like a massage, a manicure, a new workout outfit or clothing (something other than food).
  • Think about how great you feel after your workout is completed. That is motivation in itself and usually my very FAVORITE part of my workout! 😉
  • Think about how wonderful your body will look and feel if you stay consistent. Keep that image in your mind and put your efforts into achieving it.  If needed, post pics of inspiring bodies that you are looking to achieve so you can see every day for motivation.
  • Watch videos of your favorite competitors training or competing! (This is one of my favorites).
  • Create a motivational collage of quotes and images and keep it somewhere where you can see it regularly.  This is usually called a “dream board” and can be done on a simple white board (cutting and pasting the collage) or a cork board and just pin the pics and quotes into it.
  • Set your phone background as your favorite motivational quote and set little reminders for yourself so you don’t lose focus.
  • When you’re feeling discouraged think about how far you’ve COME instead of how far you have to GO!  Positive reinforcement!
  • If motivation begins to wane, make a checklist of all the things you’re thankful for, the things you’ve achieved so far and the things you hope to achieve through continued hard work. Focus on the positive!

Kick negative thoughts to the curb. You CAN do this. You have to believe in yourself. “Whether you can or you can’t, you’re right”.  A recent fave quote I read is; “Rule #1; You must take another step.  Rule #2; If you can’t take another step; refer to Rule #1.”


*TEASER:  I am going to launch a challenge of all challenges.  Details to come in a blog post this week!  Subscribe to get it sent to you!




Weight Loss or Improved Health?

What are your goals?

1011220_10200770038425924_698005190_n                                                                                                                     When I ask this question, most of the time the response is to lose weight.  I’d like to share some really important information that I learned recently.

Medications are everywhere these days.  If you have a disease; if you have anxiety; if you are at risk for certain health issues; if you are breathing…

Seriously, there needs to be a change in how we treat ourselves before we get sick.  Preventative care should be a mandatory course in schools these days; and required upon receiving health care coverage.

Let’s talk a little about what happens when the “average” person has indulged a bit too much in fast foods, desserts, coffee houses, late night out with friends, and just life in general.

They gain weight.

The first response is to look to the first and easiest way to lose it, right?  And then?

Shouldn’t improving our health be the biggest priority?  Obviously, not everyone needs to lose weight; but everyone needs to be healthy.  Improved health can be helped by alleviating the common struggle of nutrition.

How is your daily nutrition?

Are you interested more in weight loss; or  health benefits?

Sadly, most people choose weight loss.  But to what extent?  Where does it end?  And worse yet, how does it weaken our immunities and bodies?

Take this simple quiz and let’s see how on track you are these days:

1)  Do you feel “good”; or can you feel better?  (most people assume what they feel is “normal”; but many times it’s just not ideal but they don’t know there is a difference).

2)  Are you feeling tired half-way through your day (the “afternoon slump”) and have to get a coffee or Red Bull to keep going?

3)  Do you have cravings?

4)  Do you struggle with, and feel like you’re in a fog most of the time?

5)  Could you be more ‘regular’?

*If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it most likely means that your body is vitamin or nutrient deficient.  And what happens when you mix that with wanting to lose weight?  When your body doesn’t get adequate nutrients, it reacts in forms of being tired, having cravings and trouble concentrating.

This is how simple nutrition works:  The average diet and vitamin content that we need every day is based on a 2,000 calorie a day plan.  Most people don’t ever get this much vitamins on a good day because our diets lack nutrition and is mostly processed.

Then, we attempt to lose weight.  So we cut our calories way back.  We cannot cut calories without subsequently cutting the amount of volume of nutrients we are taking in.  So when people are dieting, they end up feeling physically drained, hungry and irritable and usually within two weeks, they binge; they give up and then they feel like failures.  This leads to gaining the weight back and the viscous cycle continues.

Has this ever happened to you?  I know I’ve experienced this so many times in my life that I thought something was seriously wrong with me.

It’s frustrating because you don’t feel great about yourself.  What you need is something that will provide your body with nearly all of your daily vitamins and is low in calories.


You’re giving your body what it needs to repair , perform, and feel better.  You’re fueling it; and not depriving it…

What could it be?

1044261_10200350597230961_946678333_n (1)                                                                       What is Shakeology?

It’s the healthiest most nutritious meal I put in my body every single day and I have never felt better drinking it!

I no longer suffer my terrible sugar cravings.  I no longer feel edgy and deprived.  I no longer get crazy energy slumps and need to rely on caffeine for a boost…and then ultimate crash again!

When you feel better and have more energy, you are more likely to stick with what is working long term.  No more yo-yo dieting. No more deprivation.

When you feel crappy and grouchy and are low on energy, you are more likely to give up.  Have you done this before?  I know I have!!

So, what does Shakeology really do for you?  For 160 calories (depending on the flavor); you get nearly all of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs for the entire day.  PLUS over 70 SUPER FOODS that can help regulate your body in many ways.  One shake is equal to nearly 5 plates of salad…and really, who wants to eat that much salad every day, anyway?

Add in some fruit, nuts and almond milk and you have a 250-300 calorie meal and a whole food delivery system that your body is going to absorb and use.  Shakeology is a great tool to get all of those vitamins; not to mention superfoods in your body. Especially when you’re trying to cut calories.

If nutrition is 80%  of the weight loss factor, why on earth would you NOT bother with the #1 tool that makes the entire nutrition process so much easier? (and no, there is NO other product on the market that compares!  Look for yourself, as we already have)

What if you’re already at your ideal weight; or actually are looking to GAIN weight?  That’s fine too!  If health and fitness are your foundation; all you need to do is add extra calories to your shakes and you will see the results you are looking for without missing out on the daily vitals.

Since weight loss is such a popular practice; it’s also a byproduct of improved health and dense nutrition.  Are you on track?

Think you’re healthy?  There’s always room for improvement and I challenge you to take advantage of just 30 days to see how your body feels.  You will feel a shift in your energy; but not like a caffeine high; it’s more of a rested energy.  As though you woke up after a great night’s sleep and you just feel good.

Since dieting is about weight loss only; what then?

What about your health?


Amazing Changes Don’t Just “Happen”

You may start reading this post and think that an imposter has taken over.  Not so.  Just thought I’d be “real” with you today about how today started and what I do about it anyway.

I like to push “happiness” over “complaining”. I like to look at the sunny side of life and okay with people saying I live in “la-la” land….I’d take that land over “negative knob”.

But in any case, sometimes even the sparkiest of people have blips.  Yes, it happens.  Are you surprised?  You shouldn’t be.

What you should be surprised at, is how often it can creep up on us.  Do we blurt it out to the world?  Of course not!! We find a rebalance and move on, no matter what!!!  


So, why am I sharing this with you today?  Simply because it’s real.  I’m human; just like you.  I have feelings, emotions, hormones, stresses, crappy days, etc…just like you.  What is the difference?  Not getting caught up in the negativity; like many people do.  I woke up this morning feeling bloated, tired, cranky and just not that happy. I noticed it in my mood, the way I carried myself and how I interacted with my family today.  I noticed it in my self-talk.  I started to seep in it.  UH-OH!  But guess what?  I “slapped” myself out of it and rebooted myself again.  It takes time and practice to perfect, but it can be your best medicine of your life!

Will you know about it?  Not usually, but today I thought I’d be honest and share.  I’ll also share what I plan to do about it.  Maybe another person would dwell in this “place” and just start complaining about how unfair life is; how they never get a break; how stress is just too overwhelming for them (cuz it obviously is singling THEM out! ha); how they should just stop trying since the changes that they are working on changing are  not even making a difference.

And that last sentence/thought is the most damaging thought you can have.

When you get to the point of “giving up”; that is usually the point that will make or break your results.  Have you noticed that you seem to get “stuck” in the same areas; time and time again?  Like a weight plateau, for instance.  You start a new diet or workout and your body starts dropping weight and inches and you feel great and then one day; BAM…it all comes to a screeching halt.

What happened?  Is it NOT working anymore?  NO!!!!  YOU are not working anymore. But what do most people do at this point? Give up.

How sad.  It’s only your body’s safety mechanism due to it’s “set point”.  It is comfortable here and instead of continuing to drop; it goes into protection mode so that you don’t starve to death.  (which isn’t really happening but what does your body know, anyway? lol)

It’s at these times (and doesn’t only relate to weight loss; any changes you are trying to make and get stuck at) that we need to persevere.  Think of a huge wall that you can’t go around. The only way to move forward is to climb over or crush through it.  What are you going to do?  Stop and go back home?

That may sound ridiculous but it’s what you do if you give up.

Here’s another analogy: (thank you, Mustafa!)…

Imagine you are driving in your car and happily humming along on the highway to your destination.  All systems are “go” and you are singing along to your favorite song on the radio.  All of a sudden, you see a car stopped in the middle of the road ahead and it’s hazard lights are blinking.  Uh oh!!  What do you do?  Options are:  slow down and stop behind the car; waiting for it to go again.  OR:  move to the left or the right of it and go around the car.  OR:  Step on the gas and go OVER the car.

Which did you choose?

In terms of your goals above, if you stop trying to change, you are literally “parking” yourself behind that car and waiting for some magical fairy to come and grant your wish of moving that car.  What are your other options? (take note that you have more than one option to move forward)  Obviously our car scenario has us going left, right or OVER the car but in terms of your goals, map out a plan of action to get un-stuck!!!  Yes, it really IS that simple to do.

But it’s also simple NOT to do.  What will you choose today?


Stuck on Auto-Repeat….

Quick!!!  When was the last time you did something that you’ve never done before?  Wasn’t this an exciting part of our childhoods?  We would plan and dream up the next wonderful experience to take on and feel as though we were on top of the world!                        998328_10201447117250736_1568727953_n

When did this end?  Why does “growing up” mean “become complacent”?  I don’t think that we plan to just go through our daily motions; day in and day out.  Just like your shampoo bottle’s directions; later, rinse and repeat.  And so our life goes…

But it doesn’t have to stay this way.  You could actually step out of your comfort zones and do something brand new!!  Think back at how exciting and nerve wracking you felt when taking on a new experience.  Your heart beats faster.  You get a bit nervous and tingly. You fret about what it will entail and what could go wrong.  But it’s all exciting!!!

We need to LIVE, for crying out loud!   But how do we do this; when it’s so foreign to our lives?

Let’s start with a quick practice that takes about 3 minutes (you DO have 3 minutes for this, don’t you??)

Get out a piece of paper and pen/pencil and draw a line down the middle.

On the left side, write down all the things you would like to “start doing”.  Don’t get caught up in logistics and dilemmas; just write down as many as you can in a minute’s time.

On the right side, list all of the things that you’d like to STOP doing. You know, like “stop eating sweets late at night”; “stop complaining to your spouse/friends”; stop watching tv in the evenings”, etc.

Now, just start with an item on your list and start or stop that chosen task NOW.  Keep adding to your list and make sure to choose at least ONE of the listed items every single day.

For example, START; walking a mile every day, STOP; texting in your car…etc.

Doesn’t that sound invigorating?  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the sheer joy it brings into your life.  I don’t doubt that you will be more energetic because of this.  I bet that your brain starts to generate new and exciting ideas and plans because of this.

What do you say?  In order to get something you’ve never had before; you’ve got to do something you’ve never DONE before!!

Got it?  Get it!