Gary Lost Over 100 LBS!!!


For those of you who need some encouragement to push toward any goal you have for yourself; meet Gary.  He lost over 100 pounds and shares his story with us today.


No matter what your current goals are; research what needs to be done,  get the support system needed and start as soon as possible.  “Tomorrow” never comes.  Get it done now.

“After being incredibly unhealthy for the past 7 years I finally decided that it was time to take care of myself, especially for my family’s sake. At 35 years old, I was pre-diabetic, on cholesterol pills, had high blood pressure, and had degenerative joints because of my weight. My fattest self weighed in at 338 pounds and I had absolutely no energy to do anything. I couldn’t even play with my own kids! Sure I’m 6’ 2”, which makes me a big guy, but let’s face it, I was morbidly obese and my health was rapidly declining for the worst. If I kept going at this rate, my doctor said I’d be lucky to make it to 50 years old. WOW—that was my wake up call!
For a long time I watched P90X infomercials and saw people transform their bodies. Finally, enough was enough. I had to give this program a try. Plus, a good friend of mine lost 75 lbs. and got totally ripped with INSANITY, and I thought, if he can do it, I can do it! So I did it.

First I did P90X and got great results. Then I did INSANITY and the weight just kept coming off. I couldn’t get enough of these workouts—they were so much fun! I also participated in a Challenge Group, which helped a lot. I discovered that there were people just like me, going through the same struggles that I was enduring, who were losing weight and changing their lives. Finally, I didn’t feel so alone in this world. Without my Group it would have been a challenge to go through the process and achieve the results I did. Thanks guys!

Besides learning how to cook nutritious meals at home, I started drinking Shakeology. So when I’m on the go I can reach for a nutritious meal replacement drink instead of cramming down fast food and packing on the pounds. Plus, Shakeology not only tastes great, it’s full of the vitamins and minerals that my body needs.

So far I’ve lost 118 pounds, my blood pressure is getting back to normal, and my cholesterol went down 80 points in only a couple months. I went from a 52” waist to a 38, and I lost 20% of my body fat. Friends don’t even recognize me anymore and when they finally do, they ask me what I did to get such amazing results. Complete strangers come up to me and ask how I got in such great shape. Even my doctor was in awe of my results!

Today I’m a Beachbody Coach and have this undying urge to talk to everyone I meet and spread my passion to work out, eat healthy, and live a healthier and more fulfilling life. I love sharing my story and guiding people through their own personal journey every step of the way. I absolutely love helping others accomplish what I so proudly have; it just feels great! Buying my first Beachbody program was the best decision I ever made because it totally changed my life beyond measure.”


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