My Australian 12K; City to the Bay

What a fun day, indeed!!

I have not run a race since my full marathon this past February.

Actually, I have barely even RAN since then.  I know the intense training and finally, the 26 miles of pounding the pavement had something to do with that! 😉

So, imagine my surprise at my desire to even sign-up for another race!  Yes, so it took me over 6 months to get bitten by the running bug again; but it did happen.  I was ready!

This race was so much more relaxed as I didn’t have to run as far in both trainings; and the actual race day, so the enjoyment was a welcome feeling.  I ran in the rain. I ran in the cold of the morning; as to which, my face “froze” and when I happened upon a group of bootcampers and tried to talk to them, it was hysterical cuz my mouth and face were barely able to move! haha

I ran and ran and ran some more.  I think it came as a surprise to my hubby and family but that didn’t stop my renewed energy.  As the day drew nearer, I realized that many people that I had been talking to were also signed up.  I planned to see so many new people and have some fun~Australian style 😉

Well, the morning of the race, my alarm went off at 5:30am.

And I heard the loudest rain possible.


It was bright and sunshiny the whole week prior; and I wake to this?  Hmmmmmm

I cannot tell a lie.  I seriously contemplated just turning off the alarm and staying in bed.  Who would know, anyway?  Well, for starters, everyone that I had talked about it to.  All the people who follow my Facebook and Instagram posts would know.  My family and friends would know.

And what would I tell them?

It was “raining”?  That’s lame.

So, I got up and dressed.  Drank my Shakeology with 1/2 banana and threw the other 1/2 of the banana into my bag.

Yes, it was still raining.  Woke up hubby to drive me to the city and he kept asking if I’d be okay running in “this” (which obviously meant the rain) I saw people getting dropped off and they were wearing tank tops and shorts!!! This only made me more confident since I had on a sweatshirt and running capris.

With the BeastMode mentality that I love so much; I jumped out of the car and out, into the rain.


While I ran through the rain with the streams of people rolling in; I asked a group where my group of runners were supposed to meet. (this race had shorter and longer distance races, plus walks)  They asked if it was my first one and I said yes. They assured me it never rains…gee, thanks! 😉

We lined up behind the starting line and within 20 minutes, we were packed in like sardines.  I remember having to use the restroom again (I had just gone before I lined up) but didn’t dare move from my spot of “sardine” style line-up.  They called the “sub 60” people to the front.

No, thanks.  I think I’ll run with the next wave of “post 60” runners. 😉  It was gorgeous while waiting for the countdown; white fluffy clouds and beautiful, blue sky.  No rain in site!

Then the countdown began.

10, 9, 8…the host counted down over the loudspeaker…

he paused briefly and I thought it odd…

5, 4, 3…

BUZZZZZZZ!!!  Off went the starting bell…

everyone had a laugh; as the host was definitely OFF count! 😉

It was a nice run and I enjoyed the kilometer markings being so much closer than mile markers.  (it’s a mental thing)  There were so many people running, walking, jogging, through the streets of Adelaide.  So many young children ran and walked with their parents; I was thoroughly impressed!


I did stop to use the toilet about 3 km in; at a park’s restroom.  Once I was relieved, my pace picked up.

About the last 2 km, I was really winded.  Funny, how my training days didn’t feel this challenging.  It just shows you that when you run a race, you push yourself so much more than by yourself.

I finished strong, just over an hour and it was gorgeous!!  The beach air felt awesome and the crowds of people was so exciting.   It reminded me of the Surf City marathon back in America.  My sister lives in Glenelg, so they met up with me and I had a nice shower and lunch at her place and didn’t have to fight the traffic and crowds to get out in my sweaty clothes and tired limbs.

Keep challenging yourself in keeping up with your goals.  Never stop.  Never back down.










IMG_4776 IMG_4779 IMG_4777


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