Rockstars, Unite! (Day #2 is in the books!)

So day #2…

Woke up today feeling like I was “coming down with something” and I didn’t like that.  Who has time for that?  Not me!   Still made my workout happen and just cut out the extra cardio; planning on doing it tomorrow since I don’t have another circuit until the next day.

Making it happen. Once meal at a time, one day at a time.  All the little things add up to big changes. Don’t believe it for yourself? Try changing one small habit and see what happens in just one month, then two or more.  It DOES matter and you should be keeping accountable.  Don’t make me do this alone!


So, I figured the workout today would be “easier” than yesterday cuz it wasn’t “leg” day and that was a good day 😉  But no such luck.

Back and triceps with burpees, mountain climbers, jump rope and more added in.

Cuz who doesn’t want that aspect?


I started to talk to myself after the half-way point that I could do this.  I was almost there.  One more set.  Whatever worked at that moment.

Have you ever been sick and had to push yourself? It’s worse than when you don’t feel sick and have to push yourself.  Yea, it sucked.

Until I finished.

Then I was KING of the world…or QUEEN, who cares? I did it! I pushed through and felt like a rockstar…a bit of a sick rockstar…but a rockstar, nonetheless.

Side note: do rockstars feel like “rockstars” all the time or just when they’re rocking? Why do I use that term?

Okay, back to the topic.  Ate again on track and thanks day #2 cuz I was MORE hungry today than yesterday.  BOOO!!! Meals were the same as yesterday but I have to keep telling myself it’s a “good thing” cuz my body is revved up.  woohoo….

1255208_369625306502014_1900918221_n (1)

What did you push through today and what will it change for your tomorrow?  Ate clean, worked out, now…need to pass out and get better!



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