Standing Up for YOU!

Do the words “intense”, “obsessed”, “not normal”, etc describe you?   I found that these words were used quite often when people were talking about some of my habits and goals.

1016114_10202983231602180_1638285809_nI used to think it was a “bad” thing or something that made me very different from the rest and I was half right….                        it DOES make me different but not in a “bad” way.  If we were all the same, how boring would our days be? Seriously, when I talk to someone who sounds JUST like me, I’m amused at first but then start thinking to myself, “I already know all this” and I need someone who thinks a bit differently to weigh in.

So if you feel like you are standing out in the crowd, be PROUD!! (I know, that was a rhyming sentence and kind of annoyed me too!)  I no longer feel the need to explain why I’m different or do specific practices and have a strong willed follow through…

I just smile and stand proudly in it all.

What about you?

What do you feel you possess that is different from the mainstream?  How could you hone it and make it work for you? Goals are great and finding your niche is even better.

I am definitely on a HUGE quest this year in my goals for financial growth, continuation in my fitness goals and health goals, as well as some fun plans with my loved ones.  I have felt this burning desire to achieve more and more each year and these past 2 years have taught me more life lessons than I ever expected.

I will share in my blog this month what exactly we have learned, how we have coped through the trials and what I believe is possible for the future.

Get out there and prove yourself right and any naysayers wrong. Yes, you most definitely CAN!!!


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