Myths Regarding Weight Loss & How To Raise Your Metabolism

What are some common myths you hear regarding dieting and weight loss? Here are some of my favorites;


Myth #1: Fat loss stops completely on an ultra low calorie diet.

You still can lose fat on a super low calorie diet but it will be so slooooow that you will hardly notice…plus you won’t have much energy to keep up your workouts. The confusing part of it is when you start the low cal diet and notice you start losing fat and weight like magic and think “whoa” this is awesome!! Imma gonna do it more!  The truth is that when you start the diet, your metabolism is humming along rather quickly still and you create a HUGE deficit of calories which equal the big loss. But then…everything starts to slow; including your progress and this gets frustrating (not to mention you’re starving now and have low energy!).

Myth #2: Metabolic Damage from these low cal diets

While your metabolism definitely slows down from the low calorie diets, the term “metabolic damage” makes us think that we will never get our metabolism to raise again.  This is false. You definitely CAN get your BMR raised but it may take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to get it to start burning again at a faster rate.  The misconception with this issue, is that most of us “forget” all the extra calories and binges we have and like to place blame elsewhere….obviously, it’s not our doing.  It must be something “out of control”…  What  is usually happening, is that we tend to “overdo” our choices; we stop measuring and tracking our foods and we aren’t as diligent about each morsel or bite as we were before.  You need to be diligent if you aren’t losing weight. Write everything you eat down…I mean EVERYTHING!!   If you are eating a low calorie diet and still aren’t losing weight (and maybe even gain weight); something isn’t right and it’s not your body.  It’s your choices and measuring and tracking.


So now, what can you do to lose weight instead of the above issues?

#1: EAT!!!! Don’t do the ultra low calorie diets, period!!! Instead choose a moderate caloric diet and this can be trick to find at first but can help you if you’d like. (just message me below)  You’ll need to have your daily minimum of calories to be low enough on the success scale (so to speak!) and just above below your high end so you don’t see those inches adding up 🙂

#2  Consistency and time is your friend.  Stick with it and it WILL work!!   The secret (and most COMMON issue I hear these days) is if you are following a low cal or moderate cal diet and doing TONS of cardio and workouts; you are stressing your body and dipping below your BMR…which just means you are entering the “starvation” mode again and the body will stop losing and all the hunger and cravings kick in to “save your life”!! (which takes us through binges again and the weight goes UP because your BMR is low and now you just had a CRAP load of calories and fat) So stick to your moderate calorie food plan and don’t overdo the cardio so your body can continue to lose weight and help your metabolism.  A good rule of thumb is to lose about 1/2 lb or up to 2 lbs each week. (remember that week #1 doesn’t really count  because your metabolism was humming and the deficit was huge!)

#3: How to kick-start your metabolism again. First of all, stop skipping meals and making up for it in the evening; when you’re basically just going backward in your results. Make sure to space out your meals and snacks about 2-3 hours apart to get that body buzzing along again! Get started on your weight training. This is the one area that I notice first and I love it! Plan to eat within the first hour of waking and then plan snacks or meals after that.  (women: you will NOT look like a man!! Your body isn’t made that way anyway!

I know many of you spend countless hours doing cardio machines, workouts etc and don’t see much change.

#4: Think “lifestyle” and not a quick fix!  Change your lifestyle so that the habits can remain all the time.  You can eat clean and follow a good caloric guide and enjoy lasting success.  Yo-yo dieting is not helpful to our bodies and now you should understand more on this issue and why it happens.

#5:  Be “REALISTIC” when it comes to your results. If the scale isn’t budging and you say, “but I’m following the low cal/high intensity workouts.” Probably not as good as you imagine 🙂

#6: Lastly, if you really are following the low cal plan to the “t” then you should most likely raise your calories to a more moderate cal diet instead.  This will allow your body to naturally raise your BMR again. You may gain some fat pounds back but I recommend you still stick to it and it will come!




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