Sugar isn’t SWEET at all!!!

So, yesterday I promised you a post on what I’ve been researching about in how bad sugar is for us.


I already have cut out white sugars and processed foods from my life and only allow the purest ingredients and sweetness in. But is that always the best idea?

I’m learning not…

So, here we go…let’s see how much I’ve retained in my brain from the hours of research and reading this past week.  I know at least we can all agree that sugar is bad for you; or at least it does NOT make you healthier, right?

But let’s dive into WHY it’s not healthy and may actually be causing harm…the studies and date kind of blew me away.

Sugar is addictive, I know that for sure. (if you haven’t already read and heard my blog and vlog this past week on how I’ve had to work hard to overcome emotional eating issues, scroll back through the blog posts to see)  Eating excess amounts is easy to do; and NOT easy NOT to do, once you start.  Basically, the more sugar that we eat; the more we get used to the high levels and the more we want…it’s a vicious cycle.

But, you say that you use artificial sweeteners instead of the “white” stuff?  That may be even more of an issue because these are designed to deliver a sweetness “hit” that is far beyond what we could ever find in nature and natural food choices.


Aspartame; or “equal” is 200 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar…wait, who still keeps sugar on the table?

Sucralose; or “Splenda” is 600 times sweeter…Saccharin; which is “sweet’n low” is up to 700 times sweeter than table sugar. Are you starting to understand how we are becoming slaves to this stuff?

Artificial sweeteners provide us with taste and reward our sensations like we’ve never known before. It kind of works like a “drug” as it then becomes harder and harder for us to experience the same levels of pleasure and reward that did the last time we ate them – which also makes it impossible to even enjoy the natural sweetness of foods.

I read a story about a young woman who attended a workshop that was teaching these issues and she asked the presenters; “But if I can’t sweeten my strawberries with Splenda, how do I make them taste sweet?”


But that’s real, people. That’s what we have taught ourselves and what we are teaching our children. The cycle keeps going on and on and on…


Until someone says, STOP!  And I’m doing that today.

How is this habit sabotaging all of your hard work and efforts to be healthier?  Added sugar is one of the quickest and easiest foods to provoke an unhealthy hormonal response.  When we overconsume sugar-sweetened, nutrient poor processed foods will raise our blood sugar levels too high, too often and this promotes our reliance on carbs for fuel. Excess carbs turn into triglycerides which doesn’t burn the fat for fuel and leads to an accumulation of body fat.


How does the cycle continue? When our cortisol (stress) levels are higher, we generally reach for more sweet foods with lots of added sugars.

I will continue with more great info tomorrow but I would like you to take part in my hopes to raise some awareness in and around our lives and those that we come into contact with each day. (think 6 degrees)  For the rest of today, and the remainder of this week; I challenge you to take inventory of everything you eat and drink.   Ask yourself the following questions and see how much of a cycle overeating sugars is for you;

*is this food sweetened outside of nature?

*do I tend to sweeten this food when I eat/drink it?

*how true to nature are my foods/meals?

*how often do I use; honey, agave, stevia, xylitol, etc? These are all considered “clean” alternatives to white sugar but guess what We are still overdoing on these sugars too…and basically

Sugar is sugar is sugar is sugar…

What do you think?



Day 8; How I’ve Learned to Deal with Cravings and Hormones


I read some amazing info today regarding the issues I shared with you this past week on hormones and struggles and what it all comes down to; along with nutrition.

I will post more about it tomorrow but since I promised you my recap to day #8; and on a MONDAY; I will keep my promise and share again in a VLOG post! If you have questions about your own struggles or issues, comment below and leave your email so we could chat. 🙂

Crazy Hormone Eating Issues, Anyone?

Hey all, here is my weekend check in from my “21 Day Fix” and also my most major struggle so far within the past week.

If you have ever have dealt with emotional eating issues and hormonal cravings, this post is made for you. And if so, you should post below how you handle the issues and if you need more support in dealing with them .  I promise that you can overcome any struggle you are dealing with; and this is just one of many but one I know all too well as it used to be the issue that moved me backwards so many time.

Instead of writing it all out for you today, I decided to post the video for more meaning and understanding of this issue. I was proud of myself in dealing and looking forward to enjoying a better week ahead.

Day 5 of the “21 Day Fix”

Here I am on DAY FIVE!!!!!  (singing in a “here I come to save the daaaayyyyy….Mighty Mouse is on the wayyyyy!) Don’t know that song? Get offa my blog.


Okay, in all seriousness…cuz I think I’m a bit delirious at this point but really happy with how my journey has begun on the first week of the “FIX”…

I like calling it the “FIX”…it’s like code or something!  but it really IS CODE!!

Code for awesome results!

Now, I am getting a bit more acclimated to the meal plans. I am even going to take on a second round of this as soon as I get back from my cruise!! lol

Anyway, I ate my meals on track again and today was actually my first time eating out while on this plan. It isn’t as easy as it looks but really, I’m kind of used to eating on a strict plan even while eating out, on vacation, etc….

6 months of fitness competing training…go back to that blog post arena for proof! 😉

so, I got chicken and veggies which was all below 300 calories with some unsweetened iced tea. I know next time to make the chicken and veggies “dry” on my order but since it was so low in cals, I figured I’d be okay.

Since it’s the weekend, I’m going to have a treat once or twice this weekend (I think I am anyway cuz I don’t want to blow my results and I’m kinda digging this feeling of AWESOME!) and will make the accepted recipes in the booklet and share the rest (force feed the rest) to my family and friends!! haha

I will be taking my stats and measurements this weekend and let you know how the first week ended for me! Let’s hope for some awesome results!!


21 Days & 4 Down!

Okay, day 4…


This is going to be a quick blog post. Only because nothing super crazy happened today and I felt relatively “content” with my foods MOST of the day 😉

I was hungrier in the morning; yes, even after my breakfast! Then I did my Pilates Fix and Abs 10 min Fix.


Seriously, that sh$t’s bananas, yo! ohhh wait, wrong program! 🙂

But sometimes this Autumn seems all sweet and fun and the next second she’s all, “you can do ANYTHING for one minute” and smack talking some of the participants…in the nicest way ever, though! haha

So, yes, I then had my Shakeology (always with the frozen banana) and for lunch changed it up…whaaaaat????

I had greek yogurt, some “clean” whole grain cereal and strawberries. It was like a TREAT for lunch!

Then I got hungry again and had a 1/2 of an apple.

Dinner was funny cuz I made enchiladas for the fam but my daughter and I had white fish (baked, not stirred) with brown rice and salad.


Seriously, I really couldn’t fathom anything later and now heading to sleep and still feeling good.

Wait, did I secretly and unknowingly eat too much somewhere else today?? lol

Stay tuned for day 5 and a day of eating OUT!


Day #3 of the 21 Day Fix

I made it to the 3rd day and after the time I had yesterday, I was nervous today would be a repeat of the “hunger games”…



But wait, I actually felt okay!  Imagine that!  I will run down my day of meals for you and tell you how I felt along the way. Meal #1 was another egg scramble but this time I chopped up the veggies for the  eggs and it seemed to be MORE volume! Plus I added some water to the eggs and scrambled them up. Enjoyed them with my coffee with some almond milk (my small treat for today).

Next up was the Lower Body Fix workout from the program. Okay, how hard can it be when I do leg presses in the gym with 360lbs?

Answer: HARD!! Muscle overload instead of heavy lifting equals a whole new level of fitness for this chica who thought “she was too tough”. LOL We performed each move for one full minute and then a quick 20 second break before the next move. It is seriously intense and yet it is only 30 minutes.

I’m loving Autumn’s spicy attitude when some of the participants shout out a little smack talk. She runs over to them and starts to critique (in her ever so sweet-yet-intense way) and then picking up weights and challenging them alongside of her. I also enjoy her motivational tips along the way.  “it’s just 21 days”; “you can do anything for 1 minute” and “focus on this move, this workout and this day”

After that I enjoyed my yummy Vanilla Shakeology!! I love it with my frozen bananas, water (cuz ain’t no wasting cals on almond milk in this plan!) and some ice…

Seriously good!!

I have to say that my energy levels were quite high today and I actually felt like I was super charged! Not sure why but it’s true. And I’m not complaining 😉

For lunch, I had a spinach and chicken salad with Bragg’s Aminos drizzled over and some herbal tea. Then an apple for snack.

Still with the good energy humming along and super busy day; dinner rolled around and I was HUNGRY again! Not “H-angry” like yesterday though 😉 LOL

We had roast beef with salad and a whole wheat roll. I tried so hard to “fit” the roll into my yellow container but alas, it wouldn’t conform; unless I were to smash it down and that would defeat me wanting to eat it! So, I chalked it up to Autumn’s tips of some foods just eating as they are. Breads should be “1 slice” and I counted this small roll as one. I also enjoyed some avocado on the roll…now you’re jealous of me, right??

I haven’t enjoyed my snack yet but I’m thinking of making up my “treats” either tonight or tomorrow. It may be easier to just grab a whole wheat wrap and get some peanut butter smeared on it! Then again…

Herbal Tea!!!IMG_5872

I Survived Day #2!!

So, today was day #2 of the program.

Today was also the day that my hormones wreaked havoc on my appetite. I was so hungry and felt a little bit edgy and slightly annoyed all day! haha

What I wanted to talk about was the fact that this is a natural shift that happens when we are working to lose weight and as long as you are eating within the guidelines of your meal plan and making sure you are getting in your nutrition; you are good to go and most of the time it’s due to our hormones. That’s what I was focused in on all day today. I kept telling myself that it’s “just my hormones”. It really sucks when you just finish your meal and you are hungry again…like immediately!! lol

My saving grace was my red raspberry herb tea that I drank allll day! (I finished the package in the cupboard finally!)


So, in going over again WHY our bodies respond the way they do when we make certain changes and cut calories or nutrition from our diets; will definitely give clarity to what we are feeling and help us adjust accordingly without sabotaging our efforts instead. Does that make sense? I hope so cuz it totally made sense in my head! 😉

Here’s what I was dealing with today and tell me if you’ve ever experienced these issues:

Introducing the HORMONE of the day:  Meet LEPTIN- He is always up for a meal.

· This guy creates a set point of weight. He is released from your fat cells.
· If leptin drops, as in your body gets rid of some fat, your hunger increases. (oh, JOY!)
· The more fat you have, the higher your leptin levels, so your bodies natural protection mechanism for when you are losing weight is to INCREASE your hunger (your body wants to keep you cuddly…UNFAIR) . This is why you need to keep your eye on the prize when weight loss if your goal, because your body may have other ideas.
· Leptin controls thyroid function , which controls metabolism (BMI) and every reaction in your body. It coordinates function of melatonin, sex hormones and immune system.

As I went over these facts, I was suddenly struck with the realization that this is a PROCESS and I am in it today! How exciting this thought became. In the past, as I experienced the issues of today I would self-sabotage and throw anything into my mouth to stop my body’s response to the hormonal shifts.

I know this post wasn’t as “fun” or ridiculous as normal but hopefully it has shed some light on the crazy hunger pangs that come with any new meal planning or fat loss.

But don’t get me wrong, if you are NOT eating enough calories or dense nutrition and you suffer the hunger pangs, that’s because your body NEEDS more fuel!!! So don’t ever allow any program or person to recommend you eat below 1,250 calories a day. I don’t care who you are!

…and my water consumption is awesome too! Here is my big-ASS water jug. I fill it 2 times each day and there is a whole gallon down the tank! ❤