Day 1….and so, it begins!

I’ve been really excited to start this new program and I have decided to blog about my journey. Why? For a variety of reasons; #1 being that I need to stay on track cuz you will all be holding me accountable!! I’ll be going on a cruise at the end of March and need to get myself feeling “fitter” for that 😉

Another big reason, is that this program is lead by a bikini competitor, Autumn Calabrese and her diet and workout styles are close to what I’m used to when getting great results. How better can I share this with you, than by doing it myself and documenting the journey each day for just 21 days. (that’s what I can tell myself if I feel like “cheating” along the way!)

Day one started off on President’s Day and the kids were home from school. Okay, so I got up a bit earlier to get some things done before everyone woke up and then I had invited my young nieces over to bake and decorate some butter cookies together. I had promised them that I would after they enjoyed my last batch a few months back; and if I am anything, I am someone who stays true to her word! 😉

I had my breakfast of 2 eggs and a green container of spinach, sauteed in cooking spray. (not as “clean” with the spray but I am working as well as I can some days!)  I also enjoyed a cup of coffee with nothing but a few drops of liquid Stevia….now THAT’S clean! 😉


My workouts are usually at least 60-90 minutes in the gym and take a lot of time out of my days. Since I knew I was busy, I figured I’d “just” do the workout from 21 DF and “make up for it” tomorrow with an extra cardio session on the stair climber. (yea, I thought I was all that and would find these 30 minute workouts a little bit “beneath” my level of fitness!)

Lo and behold, that 30 minutes kicked my ASS!! (yes, I know I swore but it was that freaking tough!) The funny part of it was (cuz we always have to look at the humor in everything), I don’t have my weights at the moment, (they are in storage in another country….yes, funny NOT!) so I had to improvise and decided that I’d use my resistance bands.


This workout used weights while moving your feet a LOT and there was no possible way to put my foot on the bands to hold them down. I would have slammed my face with the bands and that is never funny!!!

So, I quickly perused through the garage cabinets and came up with a huge juice filled bottle and also a ginormous olive oil bottle…filled and sealed with good ol’ olive oil (and it’s CLEAN too…so score again!) I kind of chuckled at how this would be a super “easy” workout with no weights and a stupid improvisation of oil filled bottles.


About 15 minutes in, I was frantically checking how much time was left per each interval. HOLY COW!! That workout used every major muscle group in my body and had me adding cardio training intervals in between….HIIT to the max! lol  By the end of the workout, I was sooo happy it was “only” 30 minutes. No more laughing from me. This workout is legit. (sidenote: there is a modifier participant in the workouts who is always doing low-impact at all times in case you cannot do high impact moves). You’re welcome 😉

Now, onto my meals. The containers are cute and fun and my daughter must think so too cuz she decided to start the program with me. What????  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m super proud that my soon to be 18 year old wants to follow my lead but she is uber tiny and I am really making it clear that she does not need to lose weight. She allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief when she said, “I know. I just really want to do it for the workouts and to learn what portion control is.” (beaming mommy right here!!)


After my workout, I enjoyed a fun recipe of Shakeology and went on to mix up the batch of cookies for the girls before they came over. As they arrived, I had set them up to start rolling out and cutting the cookie dough into the cute shapes to bake. At the same time, my daughter informs me she is hungry and “what do I eat and how do I figure out the containers?”

Really? Not so beaming right now! lol

We each enjoyed a spinach/salmon salad with flax seeds sprinkled on top. Mine, a bit more hurried and frantic than her’s; as I had was “reminded” by the niece’s to help them flatten the dough out more. As a pick me up snack an hour or so after lunch, I enjoyed a purple container of strawberries. They were fresh and super sweet! yayyyyy!

Then, we had to frost those million cookies!! UGH….

This is about the time my body started to feel tired due to the new eating style and the workout I had pushed through earlier, not to mention the early morning chores that already wore me out!

Ya, I know I’m complaining but it’s my blog and I can do what I want to!

Regardless of any mess of frosting smears, food color stains, cookie crumbs, and piles of dishes and pans; we made it happen. The cookies were done and the biggest accomplishment of all for me?


I didn’t “sample” the cookie dough, the cookies or the frosted creations!!! I didn’t even CRAVE any of it! Yes, I know it’s just “day 1” but that’s exciting to me.

Dinner was hilarious as the family watched my daughter and I, measure out our barbecued chicken, brown rice and salad; plus a small blue container of avocados! But it was a lot of food and I was satisfied.

For my snack, I was still allowed a small apple, a whole wheat wrap (or tortilla) and 2 teaspoons of peanut butter. Now, I sit here, sipping my raspberry herbal tea and writing out my day with pride of accomplishment.

Aren’t you just super excited for day #2?



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