I Survived Day #2!!

So, today was day #2 of the program.

Today was also the day that my hormones wreaked havoc on my appetite. I was so hungry and felt a little bit edgy and slightly annoyed all day! haha

What I wanted to talk about was the fact that this is a natural shift that happens when we are working to lose weight and as long as you are eating within the guidelines of your meal plan and making sure you are getting in your nutrition; you are good to go and most of the time it’s due to our hormones. That’s what I was focused in on all day today. I kept telling myself that it’s “just my hormones”. It really sucks when you just finish your meal and you are hungry again…like immediately!! lol

My saving grace was my red raspberry herb tea that I drank allll day! (I finished the package in the cupboard finally!)


So, in going over again WHY our bodies respond the way they do when we make certain changes and cut calories or nutrition from our diets; will definitely give clarity to what we are feeling and help us adjust accordingly without sabotaging our efforts instead. Does that make sense? I hope so cuz it totally made sense in my head! 😉

Here’s what I was dealing with today and tell me if you’ve ever experienced these issues:

Introducing the HORMONE of the day:  Meet LEPTIN- He is always up for a meal.

· This guy creates a set point of weight. He is released from your fat cells.
· If leptin drops, as in your body gets rid of some fat, your hunger increases. (oh, JOY!)
· The more fat you have, the higher your leptin levels, so your bodies natural protection mechanism for when you are losing weight is to INCREASE your hunger (your body wants to keep you cuddly…UNFAIR) . This is why you need to keep your eye on the prize when weight loss if your goal, because your body may have other ideas.
· Leptin controls thyroid function , which controls metabolism (BMI) and every reaction in your body. It coordinates function of melatonin, sex hormones and immune system.

As I went over these facts, I was suddenly struck with the realization that this is a PROCESS and I am in it today! How exciting this thought became. In the past, as I experienced the issues of today I would self-sabotage and throw anything into my mouth to stop my body’s response to the hormonal shifts.

I know this post wasn’t as “fun” or ridiculous as normal but hopefully it has shed some light on the crazy hunger pangs that come with any new meal planning or fat loss.

But don’t get me wrong, if you are NOT eating enough calories or dense nutrition and you suffer the hunger pangs, that’s because your body NEEDS more fuel!!! So don’t ever allow any program or person to recommend you eat below 1,250 calories a day. I don’t care who you are!

…and my water consumption is awesome too! Here is my big-ASS water jug. I fill it 2 times each day and there is a whole gallon down the tank! ❤



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