Day 5 of the “21 Day Fix”

Here I am on DAY FIVE!!!!!  (singing in a “here I come to save the daaaayyyyy….Mighty Mouse is on the wayyyyy!) Don’t know that song? Get offa my blog.


Okay, in all seriousness…cuz I think I’m a bit delirious at this point but really happy with how my journey has begun on the first week of the “FIX”…

I like calling it the “FIX”…it’s like code or something!  but it really IS CODE!!

Code for awesome results!

Now, I am getting a bit more acclimated to the meal plans. I am even going to take on a second round of this as soon as I get back from my cruise!! lol

Anyway, I ate my meals on track again and today was actually my first time eating out while on this plan. It isn’t as easy as it looks but really, I’m kind of used to eating on a strict plan even while eating out, on vacation, etc….

6 months of fitness competing training…go back to that blog post arena for proof! 😉

so, I got chicken and veggies which was all below 300 calories with some unsweetened iced tea. I know next time to make the chicken and veggies “dry” on my order but since it was so low in cals, I figured I’d be okay.

Since it’s the weekend, I’m going to have a treat once or twice this weekend (I think I am anyway cuz I don’t want to blow my results and I’m kinda digging this feeling of AWESOME!) and will make the accepted recipes in the booklet and share the rest (force feed the rest) to my family and friends!! haha

I will be taking my stats and measurements this weekend and let you know how the first week ended for me! Let’s hope for some awesome results!!



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