End of #21DayFix; Round 1

Oh my goodness….it’s been awhile since I posted about my #21 Day Fix challenge but that does NOT mean I’ve fallen off track!

Quite the contrary; I actually finished stronger than when I first began. My challenge in the beginning was being hungry from the change in my food amounts and the issue in my mind was that I was drastically cutting back foods. But here, I was getting 6 meals in each day and with the addition of Shakeology every day; I knew my nutrition was complete. There were a few issues with my newfound sweet tooth…in the form of “clean” alternatives like, honey, agave, stevia drops, etc.

Well, sugar is sugar is sugar! Pure and simple. I am finding that my new eating habits are creating better balance with my food servings, choices and frequency. It’s a funny thing; I learned how to lose weight; and then later I learned how to eat clean. And now, the balance of it all is to stay with the weight loss, gain strength, lose body fat AND eat clean!



Thanks to this program, I have also been able to shave off time from my daily gym workouts. Honestly, I love to work out hard and the time it takes to get myself to the gym; workout in the gym and then get home and shower, takes up so much of my time that I can get off track with other areas of my life. I’m a exercise-addict now…but in a “good” way. The way that keeps me happy and strong but yet I found it was taking tons of my time too.

I’m not saying that I have cut out all of my gym time for good. Or that I will never again take a long run outdoors. But I know now that I can train more efficiently with just 30 minutes or so and a solid meal plan that keeps my body happy and keeps my results showing.

So many people tell me, “Kathy, you don’t have to worry about losing weight. You’re already lean.” And, “You don’t have to workout so hard cuz you’re already toned and strong.”

People, it’s not about getting fit and then STOPPING! You need to make this a lifestyle. But in doing that, I had made it impossible to make other areas shine just as much if I wasn’t doing as MUCH and as TOUGH of a workout on most days of the week as I needed to be making.

Let me tell you my results from the past 21 days.

3 weeks of workouts at home only…30 minutes per day for the first 2 weeks and then “doubles” for the final week; or 1 hour per day….all at home.

Eating plan with the awesome container system and no measuring or weighing foods or tracking calories.

Yes, my hunger was an issue for the first week or so but I noticed a big change as time went on.

I became satisfied with the new portions. My body also enjoyed the new eating plan…I leaned out and my abs are starting to pop! Woohoo! I can’t tell you how exciting that part of it is. (even if you think it’s silly…lol)

I now notice when I eat my food portions that I am satisfied and sometimes “FULL”….really? I had never been “full” from one serving of Shakeology before. It was a nice “snack” before or after my workouts or in between my day but I couldn’t fathom it taking the place of an actual “meal”…

Now, I am full after Shakeology. And that’s only adding 1/2 of a frozen banana, water and ice. Seriously!!! No almond milk…peanut butter…etc….

I am a new person and I can eat complete; albeit smaller portions and still feel satisfied. The best news of all?

I lost just over 5 lbs (5.3 lbs to be exact) PLUS 5 inches from my body!!!


In just 21 days!! Can you believe that is possible?? I know my body fat has dropped dramatically too but haven’t measured that yet.

My new goal is to start round 2 today and follow the meal plans more precise (cuz now I totally feel in the groove!), work out with heavier weights and take my body fat calculations before and after the 3 weeks ends.

What do you think? Are you game for a great change?

“Time changes everything.”  That’s what people say, but it’s not really true.  Doing things changes things.  Not doing things leaves things exactly as they were.


2 thoughts on “End of #21DayFix; Round 1

  1. Katsya. – it’s me marie in au …. What is involved in the 21 day fix? Also – the insanity DVDs are avail here and I am asking what is a good starting point? My fitness isn’t great – what level do you need to be at to attempt the workouts ?

    1. Hi Marie in au 😉
      I would recommend either 21 Day Fix or Slim in 6 program to start out with. I like the 21 DF for the meal plan; it has a container “measuring” system that really makes eating on plan a cinch!

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